Tokyo in April Is… – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Episode 7

Tokyo in April Is… Episode 7 has Kazuma wondering what sets Ren apart, that he’s the only one he’s ever cherished to that degree. While he thinks only of Ren, Ren is hiding out at Ryunosuke’s house, finishing final work tasks now that he’s resigned. He had called Ryunosuke to help him but now as he buries himself in work remotely, Ryunosuke tries to get him to think through his situation.

An agitated Ren punches him, saying it’s for giving Kazuma the wrong impression when he’d first met him. To protect Kazuma, Ren thinks it’s best to stay away from him, but Ryunosuke sees through him. Finally, Ren admits that, even though it’s not cool, he’s leaving Kazuma first as he couldn’t handle being left by him or watching him stay out of kindness.

With a degree of curiosity, Ryunosuke meets Kazuma. At first, he’s not terribly impressed it took him so long to contact him. Over the course of the conversation, goading Kazuma over having had his own physical relationship with Ren, he eventually explains how Ren ended up in France, abandoned by his family.

By the end, Ryunosuke decides Kazuma is good for Ren, the only person who’s been able to get past his panic attacks since his parents condemned him for having gay sex at 15. Everything is shocking and upsetting new information to Kazuma, so with sympathy, Ryunosuke points him toward Ren who’s at the office packing up.

Kazuma is off running to try and catch Ren before he disappears again. But at the office, a drunk Sanada finds Ren first, assaulting him and sending him into a panic attack. After a couple of swings, he remarks that he’s seen Ren in front of a gay club as he proceeds to unbuckle his belt.

The Episode Review

We’re at the penultimate episode of Tokyo in April Is… and Kazuma, thanks to Ryunosuke, finally gets a good look at what happened to Ren while he himself was in a coma. Rather than Ren running away, as he may have pondered, Ren was actually thrown away by his family, dumped in France without even knowing the language.

Is that why he’s changed his surname? Was he disowned? He may have changed it himself, but that would make it tougher to reunite with Kazuma. So the likeliest scenario is that his father discarded him without a name as well.

Meanwhile, Ren claims to be protecting Kazuma by hiding himself but is he also scared to face a future that could include Kazuma’s mother? Or worse, be castigated by her in front of Kazuma? Now that he’s seen her, it’s clear there will be no acceptance for him in Kazuma’s family. With having given up his job, being involved in a sexual assault case and then seeing Kazuma’s mother’s hatred, perhaps he just needs a chance to catch his breath.

Unfortunately, he’s been caught by a vengeful Sanada just when he’s low. Sanada is more than just an entitled jerk protecting his fiefdom – he’s evil. But Kazuma is on his way. Think between them, they can put Sanada down? To be fair, evidence of an assault charge could help Ren’s case on behalf of the female former employees who’ve been attacked. But only if he’s able to pull himself together enough to collect it. Run, Kazuma, run!

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