Tokyo in April Is… – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Episode 8

Tokyo in April Is… Episode 8 returns to Sanada’s attack on Ren, but before he can do anything Kazuma jumps in and punches his boss. While he’s pummelling, Ren makes an escape and Kazuma misses his chance to speak to him. But Ren leaves behind his recorder pen with evidence of tonight’s scuffle.

Kazuma races off to catch Ren recalling Ryunosuke’s description of Ren’s abandonment. While he is busy pushing him away, Kazuma confesses his love, apologizing for not being there in the past.

Cut to Kazuma’s mother who describes spotting Ren in the hospital, visiting Kazuma and crying for his love. The next day, Kazuma miraculously wakes up asking for Ren, so she forces him to go to America to separate them. With this recollection, she acknowledges the strength of their love – if they reconnect, they’ll never part again.

The next day, Ren wakes in Kazuma’s arms, having been to the police the night before. Later, he brings the Sanada recording to the company President, who cautions him that revealing it reveals him too. Ren claims he’s not ashamed of being gay and thanks the president for his help to date. In the main office, former colleagues volunteer to join Ren in his next endeavour.

Then Kazuma takes Ren to meet his mother, asserting that he’s always loved him. She wasn’t upset back then because they were men but because they were underage and irresponsible. Ren promises they’ll visit her and she suggests he should contact his own parents as well.

On the news, Sanada faces formal charges for the assault of 12 women. Meanwhile, Ren and Kazuma embrace their new life, starting a business together as well as revelling in finally being able to be themselves as a couple, without holding back.

The Episode Review

In this final episode, we discover the meaning of the J-drama’s title – it’s Kazuma’s nostalgic feeling of returning to Tokyo in April – the same feeling of warmth and promise that he feels about his only love, Ren. So, the destined lovers reconnect and all the details magically fall into place. 

And it’s all a bit too smooth for some of the real struggles they have been facing as if everything is a simple misunderstanding, cleared up once the two are together again; the slate is suddenly clean and new. Does that seem realistic or even possible?

Let’s say for a second that everything is a misunderstanding or that they guys prove their love enough to gain acceptance. And that Sanada cannot squirm away from 12 assault victims plus an audio recording. Though it’s noticeable that they do not include ‘and one man’ on the list. Maybe they’ll save that for a dramatic courtroom drama.

The quick resolution and clean-up of details are fairly in line with the storyline full of dramatic plot points that aren’t really carried to fruition or character assertions that are glossed over with the consequences never being played out in a realistic way.

What did you think? We’d love to hear from you. More thoughts to come in a full season review, but suffice it to say, this story doesn’t feel as genuine or realistic as it could have.

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