Thirty Nine – K-Drama Episode 8 Recap & Review

When You Think It’s The End

Episode 8 of Thirty Nine starts with Mi-Jo still reeling over her mother’s confession. Unable to sleep, she heads over to see her mum.

In the morning Mi-Jo speaks to her mother about whether one bonds with their baby while pregnant (a clear nod toward her birth mother here) before getting ready for work. The only clothes here happen to be Mi-Hyun’s, which she embarrassingly wears.

By comparison, Joo-Hee tentatively awakens to find her mum waiting for her on the sofa. She’s not angry after all, pointing out that the department store must have been a stifling environment for her to work in. For anyone who has worked in retail, they know how difficult this is!

Meanwhile, Seon-u confronts his father after he offered to pay off So-Won. As the pair argue, his father demands Seon-u join him in heading over to the States now that he’s got his green card. He’s done with orphans, even pointing out his disdain that Seon-u is dating one.

Seom-u is obviously going through a lot and Mi-Jo can sense there’s something wrong at work. When Mi-Hyun shows up, she points out that Seon-u is heading across to the US, which certainly surprises Mi-Jo.

Seon-u though, isn’t going. He confronts his father later on and gives him an ultimatum – either apologize to So-Won or they’ll sever ties completely and he’ll disown his dad. He refuses to apologize, so that’s that then!

That afternoon, both Joo-Hee and Mi-Jo learn that Chan-Young has got her acting gig. So naturally, the pair head over to her place to celebrate.

Jin-Seok appears too, complete with a whole bunch of flowers and some cheesy lines to boot. Chan-Young’s mother rings and immediately tells her to head over. While they’re gone, Hyeon-Jun makes a big decision (and the right one, let’s be honest) and breaks things off with his girlfriend.

Given her reaction to him not taking the job offer in the hotel last episode, Hyeon-Jun apologizes and decides they should go their separate ways.

Meanwhile, the gang show up at Chan-Young’s parents’ place and immediately start shouting at their daughter, pointing out the affair and what’s happened.

For a while, Joo-Hee and Mi-Jo believe she knows about the terminal illness but eventually the truth comes out properly. Chan-Young’s mum faints when she finds out, before regaining consciousness and eventually sitting down with the pair properly and laying out everything that’s happening.

Everyone is getting ready to say goodbye to Chan-Young but I don’t know about you guys, but this story is sure taking its sweet time to get there. Anyway, Chan-Young agrees to stay the night with her parents and even promises to stay properly later on when it’s nearer to the end. After she’s resolved what she needs to do of course.

Elsewhere, Mi-Jo meets her mother (the adoptive one) who hands over an envelope with details regarding who her birth mother is. With an address for the prison, she gives Mi-Jo the option to go and visit her if she wants. And we know Mi-Jo will 100% go!

Chan-Young heads back into town too and sits down with Jin-Seok’s wife, breaking the news that “her days are numbered” and that she’s going to pass away. Kang Sun-Joo is lost for words.

After clearing the air, Chan-Young makes a decision and tells Jin-Seok he shouldn’t get divorced after all. He thinks they should part ways as friends rather than lovers.

Mi-Jo gathers the troops together, and tasks Chan-Young, Joo-Hee and Seon-u to lock arms. Why? Well, because she’s found her biological mum. And it was Joo-hee’s mother who told her. She’s going to visit her in prison and wants the guys to join her.

We then cut forward to see the moments after she’s visited the prison, where Mi-Jo breaks down in tears outside.

The Episode Review

Just like yesterday’s episode, Thirty Nine drags on with numerous subplots and ideas that bog this show down into mediocrity. There’s literally nothing memorable going on here outside of Chan0Young’s parents learning the truth about their daughter. Beyond that, the show is getting by solely on the excellent acting from the cast.

Seon-U’s whole arc is plays second fiddle to Mi-Jo, while Joo-Hee is just a footnote in this story. There’s also the subject of Chan-Young’s terminal illness too which is obviously bad but given we’ve been told the guys are trying to make her the happiest terminal ill person ever…they’re not really doing a very good job of that!

It’s a shame because there’s a great cast in this but we’ve only got 4 episodes left in this drama and the distinct lack of urgency, tension and memorable plot points to go with this drama is pretty concerning. Hopefully next week can improve.

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  1. Why is there no mention of scene stealing Lee Ji-Hyun? The way her face went from furious to confused to disbelief to heartbroken when the daughter’s illness was revealed. Her face spoke every phrase of what the words could not. Incredible actress!

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