The Woman in the Wall Season 1 Episode 4 Preview: Release Date, Time & Where To Watch

The Woman in the Wall Season 1 Episode 4

Ruth Wilson headlines this Paramount project, which is making its international debut. The Woman in the Wall focuses on the story of Lorna Brady, a victim of the Magdalene Laundries in Ireland. These “Mother and Baby Homes” were run illegally in the country, all under the nose of the State. The show is set in the small village town of Kilkinure and focuses on the homicide of Father Percy Sheehan, a person associated with these laundries.

Lorna and a few other women were victims of the Kilkinure convent, with which Percy is closely associated. Things get complicated when Lorna finds the body of Aoife Cassidy in her house, a nun who didn’t complete her final vows at the convent. But she has no idea how Aoife’s body got there, owing to Lorna’s sleepwalking habit. 

We are excited to bring you coverage of all the episodes in Season 1 with episodic recaps and preview articles for each new episode, assisting you to keep up with the unfolding drama. 

Here is everything you need to know about The Woman in the Wall Season 1 Episode 4, including its release date, time, and where you can watch this.

Where Can I Watch The Woman in the Wall Season 1?

The Woman in the Wall will be available to watch on Showtime’s broadcast channel for our cable network viewers in the US and Canada. The episodes will also be available to stream simultaneously on Paramount’s streaming platform, Paramount+. In addition to the host network, Acorn TV will also host the new episodes in these geographies. Presently, we are not aware of any more streaming options other than those mentioned above. 

For our readers in the UK and Ireland, The Woman in the Wall Season 1 is already available to stream on BBC iPlayer. It was released back in August of last year on BBC One. 

The Woman in the Wall Season 1 Episode 4 Release Date

The Woman in the Wall Season 1 Episode 4 will be released on Friday 9th February at 9 pm (ET)/(PT). This date is for Paramount+. Expect the runtime to be roughly 52 minutes or thereabouts, which is consistent with the time frame for shows of similar stature on the network. Additionally, for viewers who want to watch the show on cable networks, Episode 4 will be released on Showtime on Sunday 11th February at the same time.

The show will stick to a weekly release schedule after the first episode has aired, tugging the Sunday airings at the same time.

The new episode of The Woman in the Wall is titled “The Cruelty Man” The episode will be available to stream with subtitles. Its plot summary reads: “Lorna uncovers more horrors at the convent. In Dublin, Colman delves into his own past and learns the source of his nightmares. A shocking revelation builds a new connection in the case. Does Colman hold the answer Lorna is looking for?” 

How Many Episodes Will The Woman in the Wall Have?

Season 1 of The Woman in the Wall will have a total of six episodes. After the fourth episode has aired, there will be two more episodes left in the series. Showtime is not expected to make any scheduling changes. But in case that happens, we will update our readers through these weekly preview articles.  

What happened in Episode 3?

Episode 3 of The Woman in the Wall begins with Clemence’s funeral. The town is in shock but perhaps has itself to blame, as Amy points out later at the pub where they gather for drinks. No one stood by her when Clemence needed their help the most. She was left all alone to deal with the horrible tragedy that sadly ended up defining her life. In other developments, Akande closes in on Lorna as Amy snitches on her after Lorna publicly humiliates Amy.

He knows Lorna burnt the car and also knows where Aoife is, though he doesn’t suspect she killed her. Lorna is told by David that Aoife met Clemence a few days back. She gave his sister a photograph of her daughter. It also has two other girls, one of whom Lorna suspects is Agnes. She is visited by Olivia, who claims to be Aoife and Dara’s daughter.

However, Lorna catches her in a desperate lie and abandons her at the wailing woman’s house. There, Lorna also finds a whole p[jacket of envelopes made out to the mothers from the convent. The envelopes presumably have the death certificates of all the newborn children who didn’t make it. Akande gathers more information about The House of the Sacred Shepherd at the station.

This is an adoption agency that was involved with the Kilkinure convent. Dara revealed to the detective that Aoife was scared of them. In a thrilling climax, we see Akande breaking into Lorna’s house. Lorna discovers that Agnes died due to a cold when she was just a year old, and finally confesses that she killed Aoife in front of Akande. However, when she tries to show him her body, Lorna doesn’t find anything behind the wall. 

Is There A Trailer For The Woman in the Wall Season 1?

There is indeed! You can find a trailer for The Woman In The Wall Season 1 below.

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