The Witcher – Season 3 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

[Trigger warning – suicide]

The Cost of Chaos

At the beginning of episode 8 of The Witcher season 3, Geralt has not fully recovered in Brokilon and is upsetting Milva, an elf appointed to tend to him. The woodland elves are trying everything they can, but their medicinal water fails to work on mutants, despite their best efforts. Geralt, nevertheless chooses to venture out in search of Ciri. Fortunately, Milva persuades the impatient Geralt to return to bed.

What does Yennefer think about Ciri’s whereabouts?

In the meantime, Yennefer is scrambling to learn more about Ciri’s whereabouts. Emhyr’s capture of the princess could lead to the nations of the North being forced to submit, so Yen needs to find her first and thinks Ciri is being delivered to Nilfgaard. Vilgefortz had previously been using the half-elves as test subjects inside a cave. Yennefer, Tissaia, Triss, as well as the Aretuza witches, decide to go there.

What proposal do Fringilla and Francesca bring to Emhyr?

A fascinating proposal is brought to Emhyr by Fringilla and Francesca. Together, they are interested in ruling Cintra, providing Fringilla the authority she longs for and Francesca the ability to protect her people.

Emhyr chooses Fringilla as Cintra’s Imperial Governor after they both consent. He does, however, want the Scoia’Tael warriors who are physically fit to remain in the North and carry on the conflict. Francesca is obviously not happy about that.

Why does Tissaia commit suicide?

Tissaia isn’t coping well with the city’s destruction as well as her partner’s betrayal. Yen gives her some encouraging guidance. Tissaia, on the other hand, leaves a note before taking her own life while Yennefer and the others are present at the ceremony for the novices.

How does Geralt recover?

Yennefer eventually visits Geralt shortly after Tissaia’s death. Geralt swears to hold Emhyr and Vilgerfortz accountable after she uses her magical abilities to cure him.

Who is the new ruler of Redania?

Dijkstra eventually faces his monarch when he returns to Redania. It’s obvious that Vizimir isn’t happy. The monarch decides to use Phillipa as an example rather than punish the Spymaster as a result of the Aretuza purge’s failure. But Vizimir is happy when he sees his brother back home in good health. However, Radovid isn’t planning to hang around. He requests permission to head out.

Dijkstra, who is drunk, chooses to surrender his life to protect Phillipa. Despite being moved by the gesture he made, the crafty witch has already recruited an assassin and killed Vizimir for good. Radovid, who is in a state of shock, is now the ruler of Redania.

What does Francesca plan to do after learning the truth?

Fringilla and Francesca had been planning to abduct Ciri in Nilfgaard. Once Francesca informs her that she has changed her plans and now wants to accept the Emperor’s offer, Fringilla reveals the real story regarding how Emhyr had been the one who gave the instruction to kill the elven baby.

Francesca doesn’t come back to Fringilla’s side after learning this information. Now, the elves’ queen has resumed her quest for revenge.

Where is Ciri?

Geralt and Yennefer are getting ready to pursue Vilgerfortz. When Geralt eventually leaves the Brokilon after regaining his strength, she begins to round up the mages at Aretuza. Ciri arrives at Emhyr’s court, and the courtiers make a big show of welcoming her. Vilgefortz, who suffered severe burns but continues to be alive, is by Emhyr’s side while he welcomes the young princess.

We soon learn that they have Teryn, not Ciri with them. The actual Ciri is imprisoned in a bar filled with bounty hunters. When she connects with Kaileygh, referred to as the Rat, another prisoner, he offers a partnership. The two are saved when Rat’s team storms the pub. Shortly after, Ciri fights the bounty hunter, killing him in the process.

Do Geralt and Yennefer manage to find Ciri by the end of Season 3?

Geralt offers the piece of jewellery he acquired from Renfri when they have to pay a Nilfgaardian soldier to proceed past a roadblock. He comes back towards the roadblock and begins to fight several soldiers after witnessing a guard exploiting a poor family. He gets an edge and wins owing to Milva’s sudden appearance.

Meanwhile, Ciri’s name is inquired about by Rat’s gang member during the concluding scene. After murdering the bounty hunter, she merely states, “Call me Falka,” while still in shock.

The Episode Review

The final installment of season 3 keeps the show’s energy intact. It investigates what happened after Aretuza was attacked by Nilfgaard. Furthermore, Tissaia’s passing during this episode is especially heartbreaking. On a brighter note, when Ciri says, “Call me Falka,” she can be seen embracing her darkness.

There is a possibility of further developments within a possible fourth season as the current season comes to a close with an unresolved ending. A number of narratives have been set up for Season 4 as well as for future seasons. Although it’s not the finest episode of Season 3 Part 2, it is better than virtually anything in Part 1.

The Witcher Season 3′ final scenes with Henry Cavill are anything but epic. He sadly has less screen time this season and he didn’t receive the fierce farewell he deserved.

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