The Witcher – Season 3 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Out of the Fire, Into the Frying Pan

At the beginning of episode 7 of The Witcher season 3, after channelling the power of Tor Lara and blowing the structure up, Ciri has been portaled to a barren desert. Jaskier shows up at the castle in search of his companions following the Battle of Aretuza. Instead, he discovers Radovid in tears and the devastation that is left behind.

Jaskier meets Yennefer again shortly after providing his guidelines for a secure house. She informs him of the fact that Geralt is seriously hurt. Meanwhile, Triss has transported the seriously hurt Witcher towards Brokilon Forest, wherein the elves are attempting to save him. He has a poor prognosis, as one elf named Milva points out.

Ciri attempts to gain access to a portal to return to Aretuza while she is wounded, but it is not successful. She then fixes her fractured arm. She is not entirely alone, though, as a shadowy figure appears to be pursuing her. She feels she must walk west in order to find shelter and meals while attempting to endure the harsh desert heat. She abandons a few things, which include the locket Yennefer gave her.

She feels terrified to discover she’s right back where she began after walking all night. The princess discovers a unicorn that rescues her from a savage desert monster just as she begins to lose faith. She attempts to follow the mysterious creature, but she is unable to do so. She eventually discovers a few lizard eggs to eat. However, her mom, Princess Pavetta, mysteriously shows up as she’s taking in the inadequate meal but the spirit actually criticizes her.

Later, Ciri discovers herself in what appears to be an abandoned pub and has a chance to speak with the mysterious individual who has been following her. The Hooded Woman informs Ciri, among several other things, that owing to her influence, she might end up being the last person to bring about change.

Ciri is joined by the unicorn when she awakens the next morning. He lets her follow him this time around. The days go by, and she is seen travelling the barren landscape with her new companion, who she calls Little Horse. The young princess receives criticism for her failure to act during the run-up to the war by a subconscious image of Queen Calanthe who shows up next.

At dusk, the Hooded Woman reappears and, at last, is recognized as Falka, an elven demon who was burnt in history. She has no remorse for what she did, including killing her dad and the majority of his kingdom, and stands by them. Following that, she gives young Ciri advice on how to maximize the potential of her abilities.

A huge spider-like beast emerges from the sandy ground. Little Horse is hurt before Ciri kills the huge creature. Falka reappears and advises her to make use of her forbidden fire magic in order to rescue the unicorn. Fortunately, the magic succeeds, but Little Horse bolts in fear just when he feels better.

As the young princess appears to be absolutely seduced by the strength of fire magic, Falka urges Ciri to use it more. She has experienced terrifying visions of vengeance against those who have wronged her and the gruesome deaths of loved ones like Jaskier, Yennefer, as well as Geralt.

Falka believes that Ciri doesn’t need anybody. She adds that Ciri must channel all of her power and fury. However, Ciri asserts that she wants to give up her power because that isn’t what she truly wants. Once she regains consciousness, Ciri comes out from the barren landscape. A bunch of men capture her and murmur something regarding how well she fits the description.

Jaskier makes his way to the Brokilon Forest, wherein Geralt is getting better. The elves initially oppose letting him in. However, the bard settles down and begins to sing, persuading them to let him see Geralt. Because of his wounds, Geralt continues to be confined to a bed. Jaskier has some dire news to share with him. Ciri appears to have been located by Nilfgaard and is currently going to Emhyr.

The Episode Review

During the Ciri-centered episode, she embarks on a perilous solo journey in a desert. She must spend days by herself for the very first time, making it among the most intriguing episodes of the show thus far. In order to give her time to consider who she would like to be, the story slows down a bit. Additionally, there are some significant developments within the storyline even though this episode is primarily focused on Ciri’s character arc.

Since the start of the Netflix series, Ciri has had to deal with the crushing reality that because of her inherent magical abilities and Elder Blood, she is a living tool for all those striving to rule the continent. She has nonetheless been honing her abilities and adhering to Yennefer and Geralt’s advice.

Throughout this episode, though, the young princess must confront her turbulent past and make a crucial decision regarding her future while she is left by herself with her own thoughts.

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  1. This episode is shockingly bad. It is a lazy way to add an episode to an underwhelming series. It contains obscure characters from previous seasons who nobody remembers as they appeared one or two years ago.

  2. I could barely finish this episode. Dreadful in almost every way. Your lost in the desert and your first complaint is no food? Who wrote this???

  3. Season 3 episode 7 must be when Henry Cavile decide to leave the Witcher. Worst episode of the season.

  4. You must be a big fan of the series, cause this episode was objectively awful, lacking context, acting chops, action and well, everything else that made the episodes prior pretty decent. I literally fast forwarded through 20 minutes of it. Good lord what a bore.

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