The Watchful Eye – Season 1 Episode 9 “The Serpent’s Teeth” Recap & Review

The Serpent’s Teeth

Episode 9 of The Watchful Eye starts with Elena packing up ready to leave the Greybourne. Roman stops by and checks in on her. Elena explains that she plans to confront Mrs Ivey, get the money and leave for Mexico. After settling down, she will come back for Teo.

Roman worries about anyone finding out about his involvement and Scott’s getting his cut. Elena says that she will give Scott his cut but won’t tell him her plans.

Elena heads down to say goodbye to Jasper and Matthew asks her to come inside and see her brother Teo. She is surprised but quickly collects herself and is able to maintain her cover. She introduces Jasper to Teo. Matthew asks to talk to her privately and tells her that since Teo is in New York, he will wait to tell Jasper she is leaving.

Elena takes her brother to her room and scolds him for being kicked out of school. He wants to go sightseeing but Elena orders him to stay in the room until she is back. Elena informs Roman about Teo’s surprise visit and she receives a message from Alex to meet them at the park immediately. Elena asks  Roman to watch Teo as she meets with Alex and then comes back to meet with Mrs Ivey.

Elsewhere, Tory nurses Dick to health hoping he can recover fast and they can leave. Tory doesn’t think it is a good idea for them to stay but Dick says that Mrs Ivey said it is okay. She also worries that Dick might be seen around and people will question why he hasn’t gone to the hospital.

At the park, Alex tells Elena about James’ lies and Elena brings up Morgan( Jasper’s former nanny.) Alex decides to visit James at his place and confront him. Elena asks them not to go alone. Elena heads back home to meet Mrs Ivey and Candace refuses to let her in. She is mad that Elena threatened to out her affair with Cecil. She receives a call from Scott.

He is worried his men lost Teo and she tells him that Teo is safe with her. Elena goes to complain about Candace to Roman and shares her worries about Teo being there. She tells him that she is going open a safe account and keep the birth certificate safe after making copies.

At the Greybourne, Elliot coincidentally meets Teo and they chill together in Elena’s room. Elliot is surprised to hear that Elena’s mom is still alive since Elena said she was dead.  Elliot doesn’t think much of it and is happy to make a new friend.

At the Aryes’ apartment, Darcy gets into a fight with Bennet because she wants to leave for a Miami trip. Darcy thinks that Bennet is selfish but Bennet is simply done with her dad’s antics. Darcy takes some soup to her dad. She is worried about her dad and asks Elliot to find out through his mom what trouble her dad is in. His mom refuses to tell him much and warns her that Darcy is a Greybourne hence she is bad news.

In the meantime, Alex and Ginny stalk James’ apartment as he has gone MIA. They see James getting a white envelope full of cash from Otis. They wonder if James works for him and Ginny asks Alex to leave.  Later, they meet Elena and share the information. Ginny asks if she is not leaving and Elena says she is leaving on another day.

Elena comes back to find Elliot hanging with her brother. He cautions Elliot to leave and Teo complains about being hungry. They head out.  She comes back and pays Mrs Ivey a visit. After learning that Elena has her original birth certificate, Mrs Ivey agrees to pay Elena 5 million. She asks Elena to meet her in the morning and they can make the exchange. She warns Elena not to be clever and Elena leaves. Elena rushes to share the good news with Roman who is happy to hear it.

Roman takes Teo to grab some food and Teo asks why Elena is lying. Roman asks him to believe the end justifies the means. Elena needed a job but no one would hire her if they knew her past. They fail to see Scoot watching them from afar.

On the other hand, Elliot meets Darcy and tells her what his mom said and the fact that Tory jeopardized his mom’s career. They get into a fight and Elliot tells her she may be more of a Greybourn than she thinks. Darcy decides to take her dad’s laptop when he is sleeping and is shocked by what she finds.

Afternoon rolls by and Scott visits the Greybourne to hassle Roman but his plans are thwarted by Bennet. She comes to Roman’s rescue and chases Scott away. She asks Roman to come with her on her trip but he turns her down since he has responsibility. On her way back to the house, she leaves Scott’s card on the table and Darcy picks it up. Roman tells Elena about Scott’s visit and says he won’t be arrested again.

Outside the Greybourne, Alex gets a call from James and he admits he lied because he felt ashamed. Alex plays a fool and listens to his excuses. They are convinced that James is simply having a rough patch and agrees to meet James.

At the Greybourne, Elena hears Jocelyn crying again and follows the sound to the passage. She is surprised to find Mrs Ivey there trying to block Jocelyn’s cries. Mrs Ivey seems a bit out of it and Elena realizes that she can hear Jocelyn too. Mrs Ivey says that she usually plays the piano to shut it out. Jocelyn begs Elena not to hurt her baby. Soon Mrs Ivey collects herself and Elena returns Mrs Ivey home.  She gets a text from  Matthew inviting her and Teo to have some pizza.

She happily agrees and during dinner, Matthew asks her to sleep in the guestroom while Teo sleeps in her room. Teo later tells Elena that Matthew is cool and Elena admits she is sad to leave. She tells him about her con and the fact that she no longer wants to carry it out to the end.  She asks him to prepare to leave the next day and start over somewhere else.

Later, Roman changes his mind and tells Bennet he will join her on her trip. Meanwhile, Darcy calls Scott and tells him she has something he has to see.

Alex spends time with James at his house and she accidentally finds evidence that he took Elena’s and Ginny’s phones. He also has Morgan’s phone and photos of Elena. James is not pleased that she found his secret box under his bed.

Elena spends the night with Matthew, they wake up the next morning to cops banging on the door. Matthew is arrested for the murder of Allie and he asks Elena to contact his lawyer. Scott is pissed to see that Elena is now sleeping with Matthew.

The episode ends with Teo meeting with his mom and sharing Elena’s plan.

The Episode Review

That James twist came out of nowhere but it still makes sense. The only question is, who is he working for? I hope Alex will survive but what happened to Morgan and why does he have her phone? How long has he been stalking Elena?

Elena wanted to be a good person and leave without hurting Mrs Ivey but her mom showing up will not be a good thing. Teo is old enough to know his mom is up to no good but he still goes along with her. It is sad when toxic parents have an emotional hold on a child.

I wonder what Darcy found that led to Matthew being arrested. The police must have evidence but what exactly is it?

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