The Watchful Eye – Season 1 Episode 8 “Spellbound” Recap & Review


Episode 8  of The Watchful Eye starts with Ginny meeting Scoot at his house and asking him to talk to Elena to stop her revenge against the Greybourne. She worries that the Greybourne will hurt Elena given their past records of dealing with enemies. She thought Scott, Elena’s boyfriend would talk to her but he tells her they broke up. Nevertheless, he agrees to convince Elena to stop her revenge plans.

At the Greybourne, Elena bids Matthew goodbye and sets off to meet Scott. She informs him that the rubi is not a treasure but a child borne by Alistair and Jocelyn’s affair. Scott takes the news hard but after calming down and seeing the birth certificate he realizes it is over. They admit that they wanted to get back at the Greybournes but their plan failed. Elena says she is scared and she has to leave the building. Scott tells her about Ginny’s visit and promises to have some men protect her brother until she is out of the Greybourne.

She heads back and breaks the news to Roman who agrees it is for the best she leaves. He informs her about Dick’s bloody return but Elena says it is no longer their problem. She asks him to make plans to leave a week after her and say goodbye to Bennet.

At the Aryes’ apartment, Tory calls Elliot’s mom who is a doctor to check on Dick. Tory can’t risk taking Dick to the hospital as it will raise questions. After Elliot’s mom left, Tory tells Dick they must leave immediately. She doesn’t feel safe after Otis beat Dick. Dick, however, wants to stay as the Greybourne is their home. The discussion diverts to their marriage and they confess they still love each other and cast away any doubts they had.

Elena returns to her room and sees Jocelyn again. Jocelyn asks her to stay until she uncovers the whole truth. Elena rereads the letters and makes a huge discovery. In a flashback, we learn that Alistair and Jocelyn hid the fact that they were together from his wife. Upon learning of Jocelyn’s pregnancy, Alistair’s wife offered to take the child and raise her as her own. Unfortunately, Jocelyn was unable to fall through with the plan months after the baby was born. The wife discovered the truth and Alistair and Jocelyn planned to escape with the child and start a new life.

Their plans were thwarted when Mrs Alistair accidentally killed Jocelyn when trying to stop her from taking the child. Her brother threw Jocelyn’s body off the building and later killed Alistair and made it look like they committed suicide. He paid the police and everything was kept quiet with no one ever finding out.

At the present time, Elena stops by and says goodbye to Ginny and apologizes. She asks Ginny to relay her message to the other nannies but Ginny refuses. Elena also meets with Elliot and apologizes for ruining his relationship with Darcy. They makeup and she encourages him to talk to Darcy and confess his feelings. Elliot takes her advice and apologizes to Darc who forgives him.

She later gets a text from Scott informing her that he can find no record of a baby named Rubi Greybourne and that maybe the child died. Later, she meets with Matthew and tells him that her brother got in trouble in school and she is leaving for good. Matthew is bummed and worried about how Jasper will take the news. Elena apologizes for leaving him and Jasper and says there is nothing he can do to make her stay. He asks her to stick around so she can say goodbye to Jasper.

Elena goes to grab a jacket she left in Jasper’s room. After, Matthew asks her about her next plan and he tells him about her recent breakup. Matthew talks about why he and Allie were planning to spilt and the iron-clad prenup. He wanted to leave the Greybourne. The conversation veers off and they end up sleeping together. After, Elena admits to him that she is scared and has to go. Matthew says he is scared too but Elena still leaves.

Meanwhile, Ginny and Alex meet and talk about the previous night. Alex tells Ginny about the strange feeling she had that Mrs Ivey knew James. She asks if Ginny truly knows James. Alex stalks James’ Social media and wonders if James is lying about being with his boss. Ginny gives them James’ boss’s number and Alex learns that they fired James for being incompetent. It has been months since he worked for them.

Another person who is thinking of leaving is Tory but Mrs Ivey tells her that she can’t run away. She also warns Tory not to call the police because Otis is family. Tory starts talking about her doubts that Allie killed herself and believes Otis had her killed. Mrs Ivey points out that the only person to blame was Allie who decided to jump off the building. This calms Tory who thanks her and leaves.

After her rendezvous with Matthew, Elena visits Mrs Ivey and tells her she is leaving. She reports that Matthew didn’t kill  Allie and Mrs Ivey wishes her well in her next endeavours. As Elena leaves Mrs Ivey advises Elena to face what she is running from instead of running. Elena looks at the family picture in Mrs Ivey’s house and gets an epiphany.

After Elena leaves, Jocelyn starts crying for her baby and Mrs Ivey plays the piano. It seems like she can hear Jocelyn too.

Elena rushes to Roman and tells him that Mrs Ivey is Rubi and she is therefore not entitled to Greybourne’s money as she is not a legitimate heir. She excitedly comes up with a new plan with Roman to get cash from Mrs Ivey to keep her secret.

The Episode Review

It is starting to make more sense why Mrs Ivey kept to herself and wanted Elena to be her eyes and ears. She was hiding a secret worth billions of money. Unfortunately for her, Elena is onto her and is gearing up to get her hands on some of that money.

I am curious about James, so far he has been a fleeting character but what is he lying about and why? I hope Ginny and Alex will find out soon.

I also want to know what went down between Otis and Dick. Tory is ready to run to the hills at the mere mention of Otis. What did he do to her?

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