The Village – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review


After the dramatic events last week, The Village returns, picking up right where it left off with Nick and Sarah talking about the night before. Worried that Katie will take the same path as her, Sarah tells Nick that they need to spill the truth to their daughter. After a brief pause, Nick agrees, deliberating over the best way of telling her.

Riding a wave of good vibes from the previous episode, Ron discusses hosting an opening mic night with Patricia. Helping him with the social media connections, Ben tutors him on how to use Twitter, complete with a tweet to those nearby about free drinks in a bid to get more people to show up. While Ron gets the hang of hashtags and Twitter lingo, Patricia goes and sees Ron’s son in private. She pleads with him to show up or, at the very least, let Ron meet his grand-daughter which he refuses vehemently.

As Nick reels over the events from the night before, Amy asks him to move in with her. Anxious and unable to say no, he tells her he’ll think about it while she tells him they’re one-and-the-same, given the trauma they’re both going through. Thankfully, Enzo shows up at the door in time to save him from this awkwardness. After a breakthrough at therapy, Nick travels with Enzo to the library, determined to help his friend track down the woman he hit it off with the episode before. A sweet smile and some pursuasion later, the librarian reveals the woman’s name is Gwendoline.

Struggling to adjust to life in the nursing home, Katie is saved by Liam, who shows up and tells her another photo has been sold and she’s 200 dollars richer. As they discuss plans for the future, Katie runs into her Mum which causes a bit of an awkward conversation to develop between the trio.

While Enzo dances around the room singing Gwendoline’s name, his grandson Gabe continues to work on Ava’s case. A knock at the door disturbs him, bringing Sofia face to face with the young intern lawyer. Unfortunately, this isn’t a friendly encounter and she informs him she wants no part of his work, lamenting the way his Father bullied clients. Before he gets a chance to explain his side, she storms off leaving him reeling over what he’s been told.

Catching Katie at the nursing home, Nick plucks up the courage to tell her the truth. Only, when the big moment comes he fumbles, telling her he’s got PTSD instead and is in therapy to get it looked at. Back at home, he thinks about his missed opportunity and discusses matters with Sarah. One thing leads to another and the two end up sleeping together while Amy rings Nick’s phone, waiting for him to come over.

The episode then ends with a musical montage of our characters as they continue on their individual dramatic journeys.

For the most part, The Village continues its trend of well written characters over to this week’s episode as well. While this episode doesn’t quite have the same dramatic punch the fourth had, there’s enough here to make for an absorbing watch nonetheless. It’ll be interesting to see how The Village develops from here too and quite what the fallout from Nick’s inevitable confession will be.

The Patricia and Ron storyline is another angle that I feel won’t end well either and could be, if handled correctly, one of the most emotional moments of the season. Still, it remains to be seen what will happen with The Village but for now, there’s enough here to confidently make this drama worth watching to see how these storylines unfold.


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