The Village Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review


The Dramatic Crescendo

We begin this week’s episode of The Village with Sarah sneaking out in the middle of the night. Determined to do more painting, she’s caught leaving by Patricia who, after some pursuasion, tags along and walks the streets with her. As they talk about their situations, they both share a touching moment, commenting on what’s growing inside them both.

Despite painting a pretty decent portrait of a bunny, it’s not enough to impress Liam when he sees her the next morning. He’s not happy about her lying about the pregnancy but Katie admits it was nice to just have someone care without seeing a baby. Despite the initial cold shoulder he gives her, Liam agrees to see her in a few hours, complete with a surprise up his sleeve. This surprise happens to be a potential foster Mum for Katie’s baby.

Before we get there though we return to Nick who acts awkwardly around Amy after his night with Sarah. Suspecting something is up, it all kicks off at Ron’s club when Amy confronts Sarah over an earring left in Nick’s apartment. While she storms out, Nick confesses to his old army buddy that he’s been sleeping with her which leads to some late drama in the episode.

Meanwhile, Ron gets talking to an old singer he used to be a fan of. However, their reunion is shortlived when Olivia’s Dad shows up and demands she return home. Begrudgingly, she leaves the club while Ron and Patricia talk about what just happened. 

With pockets of drama fizzing up all over the apartment, Ben tells Ava he loves her before helping Enzo find Gwendolina. They go to a house he finds using the police database but it turns out the woman at the apartment isn’t the same Gwen. Giving up hope, Enzo returns home, convinced he’s lost his chance at love. Lost his chance that is, until he receives a mystery package outside. This package happens to have cannoli and Gwen’s phone number inside. There’s hope for our lovable Enzo yet!

Back at the apartment, Nick returns home after a dramatic day to find his door ajar. His old army buddy sits in the shadows waiting for him. Nick sighs, preparing for the worst, as he’s punched and kicked for what seems like an eternity. Thankfully, Sarah and Katie show up but ironically, this only makes things worse. As the man slips away, Katie notices an old firefighting tattoo on Nick’s shoulder. “Did you used to be a firefighter?”, she quizzes. “For a brief moment,” Nick replies.

It’s at this point where the big secret is revealed. Katie realizes Nick is her father and, teary eyed and shocked, she bolts out the apartment leaving Sarah and Nick to deliberate over what’s just happened.

While we all knew this moment was coming, the non-stop drama throughout the episode actually has an adverse effect on this moment. With so much melodrama cropping up in each of the main stories this week, the big reveal at the end doesn’t quite have the same impact it could have had. Still, there’s enough here to make for an enjoyable episode nonetheless and we’ll have to wait and see what the fallout from all of this will be.


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