The Upshaws- Season 3 Episode 4 Recap & Review

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Episode 4 of The Upshaws season 3 with Maya and Aaliyah bugging Regina. After a point, Regina gets frustrated and wishes to leave the house. Bennie arrives home and has a heated argument with Regina about her being at home all day while he gets to leave for work.

Lucretia gets home and informs Regina about her going to her college homecoming. Regina begs Lucretia to take her with her after that. Lucretia refuses to take Regina and leaves.

Lucretia is seen driving to the homecoming event, while Regina hides in her car and pops out midway. Lucretia gets irritated as Regina didn’t let her have one weekend to herself.

While Bennie is present, Bernard Jr pays a visit to the house with his daughter Sydney. Bernard tells Bennie about his plan to teach Sydney boxing. Savannah pays a visit to the house and returns all of Aaliyah’s belongings to her. She also requests that Aaliyah return her jacket. Following that, the two of them have a friendship breakup.

Regina gets drunk at the homecoming and begins to embarrass Lucretia in front of her friends. Furthermore, her friends remind Lucretia that her sister ruined her life by becoming pregnant when she was 16 years old, forcing Lucretia to give up her life to be there for her.

Bernard, Sydney, and Bennie appear to be getting along at home while playing cards. Meanwhile, Aaliyah seems to be hurt from her friendship breakup and she excuses herself and goes to her room. Bernard then insists on taking Sydney to the gym to teach her how to box. Sydney, on the other hand, does not appear to be interested, but Bernard fails to notice even after Bennie points it out. Bennie convinces Bernard to teach Sydney boxing in the driveway instead, and he listens.

Lucretia becomes uneasy at the homecoming and leaves the event with Regina. On the other hand, Bernard tries to teach Sydney boxing, but she appears uninterested. Furthermore, he accidentally punches her, leading Bernard and Bennie to rush Sydney to the hospital.

Regina and Lucretia talk in the car about Lucretia leaving the homecoming midway. Lucretia admits she didn’t want to play the drums because she is nervous. Regina encourages Lucretia to give it a shot, which she does. When Lucretia and Regina return to the event, she ends up playing the drums and impressing all of her friends.

The doctor assures Bennie and Bernard that Sydney is fine at the hospital. However, when the doctor examines Aaliyah, she notices that her jaw is swollen. The doctor informs them that Aaliyah’s wisdom teeth must be extracted and takes her to the emergency room.

Aaliyah begins to blabber after being put on drugs. Bernard attempts to record it but instead goes live, and Aaliyah openly admits to missing Savannah and regretting being a bad friend to Savannah.

Savannah pays Aaliyah a visit at home while she is recovering from her toothache after seeing her Instagram live. Savannah and Aaliyah rekindle their friendship.

Regina apologizes to her former boss Sheila for her behavior. Sheila then offers her a job and informs her that the position is that of chief administration. Regina expresses gratitude to Sheila for her assistance.

The Episode Review

This episode maintains the show’s usual dramatic tone while also injecting humor into it. Furthermore, this episode delves a little deeper into Lucretia’s character, and you cannot help but sympathize with her because of the sacrifices she made for her sister.

Regina’s former boss recommends her for a new job position at the end of the episode. When Regina arrives, she curses Sheila for putting her in another messy situation. The show alternates between highs and lows, making it quite entertaining.

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