The Upshaws – Season 3 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Lane Change

Episode 5 of The Upshaws season 3 begins with Regina arriving at her new workplace. The doctor informs her of the working situation, which Regina dislikes. When she is about to back out, she remembers that she doesn’t have another alternative, so she accepts the job.

At home, Regina is discussing her new job with Bernard, who advises her to quit because her work is not in a safe neighborhood. Following that, Bennie and Kelvin return home. Kelvin acts strangely towards Regina, which Regina notices. Regina informs Bennie of Kelvin’s strange behavior, but Bennie dismisses her concerns.

Since Kelvin is sleeping in Maya’s room, Maya is sleeping in Aaliyah’s. Aaliyah dislikes sharing her bed with Maya so much that she doesn’t even say good night to her before going to bed, which upsets Maya. Maya begins sleep-talking in the middle of the night and scares Aaliyah with her strange talks and behavior.

Lucretia pays Regina a visit at her workplace. Lucretia warns Regina about the dangerous neighborhood, but Regina dismisses it. Following that, Regina introduces Lucretia to the doctor, and Lucretia begins to tease Regina about her having a crush on him.

Aaliyah and Kelvin are sitting in the living room, and Savannah arrives after Aaliyah calls her. Kelvin and Savannah exchange awkward lovey-dovey small talk before Aaliyah tells them about Maya’s strange behavior while she was sleeping. Aaliyah also speculates that Maya has been possessed. They decide to film Maya to confirm their suspicions. Meanwhile, Kelvin assures them that Maya is most likely having nightmares.

Kelvin walks into the kitchen and runs into Regina. He continues to act strangely toward her and refuses to eat food prepared by her, which bothers Regina. Kelvin is rude to Regina and leaves the kitchen when she confronts him. When Bennie enters the kitchen, Regina tells him that she can’t deal with his son, Kelvin, whom Bennie misunderstands as Bernard Jr.

Bennie takes Kelvin to play paintball, and in the middle of their game, he confesses that he was acting strangely towards Regina because he thought she didn’t let him stay back with his father. Bennie then tells him the truth about him being the one who chose not to keep Kelvin with him because Kelvin seemed excited about moving with his mother and her boyfriend.

Aaliyah and Savannah call Bernard to the house and inform him of Maya’s possession. They even show him the film they taped the night before to back up their claim. Bernard and Savannah then leave Aaliyah alone in the house with Maya.

Aaliyah decides to sleep on the couch until Kelvin leaves because she is terrified of Maya being possessed. We later learn that Maya pretended to be possessed in order to get Aaliyah out of the room.

The Episode Review

The episode is light and breezy, with entertaining elements such as Maya trying to act possessed and Regina having a crush on a doctor. The actors who play these characters have excellent comic timing, and their exaggeration of events makes the situations funnier than they are.

The episode ends with Kelvin and Bennie coming to terms with their situation, and despite the fact that it’s merely a sitcom, the scene is rather touching. Furthermore, Maya appears relieved after her possessing act works and she has the entire room to herself.

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