The Twelve – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review


2 Years Earlier

Episode 4 of The Twelve begins with Donald arriving at Marc’s house and informing him Helen is now in charge. On top of that, Guy Vanneste is not going to be arrested thanks to a lack of evidence.

Out in the yard, Helen finds a buried chicken in the coop and this prompts her to take the sniffer dog inside to take a look around. It doesn’t take long for them to find the crawl attic space and the blood stains on the ground.

Present Day

Marc heads into the attic and breaks the blood-stained planks of wood, letting them burn outside. As he watches the flames lick hungrily up the planks, he tells Inge he’s going to sell the house.

After another restless night, Arnold fights off disdain for his neighbours and heads to court while Carl continues to have problems with his daughter Juliette.

The Courtroom – Day 4

The Judge calls the news leak to attention and questions Fabrice over just who his contact is. He remains tight-lipped though (much to Stefan’s relief) and the Judge eventually allows the trial to continue, warning against any further meddling in the future.

Marc Vogel takes the stand next and tells them he was at a peaceful protest that afternoon. However, Guy convinced him to go and see Fri and this brings us up to date with the dead dogs in the yard. Fri found them first in the morning and wept when she saw them.

As he continues, it’s clear that he and Stefan did not get on. Even worse, Marc loses his temper when Fri challenges and contradicts his statement about his reasoning around why he lost contact with Rose. According to her, it’s because Rose started to look more like Stefan.

While most of the jury believe Marc is lying, thanks to the issues going on with Carl and his daughter he’s convinced that Marc’s just a Father looking out for his daughter.

When court rejoins again, Mr Spaak makes a pretty damning assessment of Marc and questions aloud whether he’s in some way responsible for what happened – especially given his desire to arrest Guy for the murder. It’s here he brings up the way he lined the pockets of Donald to try and get the arrest.

As the defence rest for now, Carl stands up and has a question of his own – specifically regarding the gunshot to Britt’s neck. Something doesn’t add up. Given Marc specifically mentioned the gunshot to the neck, both dogs were shot in the head and at that time Britt’s body hadn’t been found so how did he know this? It’s an extremely astute question and one that Marc has no answers for.

After Court – Day 4

Holly praises Carl for his excellent question but this wave of elation quickly dissipates as his family life continues to spiral out of control. Upon looking for Juliette, he finds himself in the middle of a mosh-pit staring up in shock at his blood-stained daughter on stage. Meanwhile, Delphine walks her kids home after Gabriel looked after them for the day. Unbeknownst to her, Mike watches them disapprovingly from the shadows.

Yuri meanwhile heads home and learns the unconscious Brazilian from the construction site has actually died. While Marc sits at home, flashes of the past come through showing him slapping Britt in the midst of a heated argument.

The Review Write-Up

Following Marc’s turn on the stand big question marks are raised surrounding whether he’s involved in the murder or not. It’s certainly suspicious that he would mention the gunshot wounds and on top of that, the final shot of him slapping Britt really brings his entire character into question. 

Carl’s strained relationship with his daughter is certainly a big talking point worth mentioning too and each of these episodes have done a great job bridging the gap between the jury members and the witness.

Quite what will happen next remains to be seen but one thing’s for sure – this case is far from over.

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