The Twelve – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review


2 Years Earlier

Episode 3 of The Twelve begins with a weary Fri returning home on her own, struggling to deal with the grief felt from Stefan gaining full custody of Rose. After celebrating with Margot, Stefan awakens in the middle of the night to find Rose gone and Delphine’s car speeding off. When he arrives at her door questioning what she’s doing, she tells him she’s protecting her daughter and shuts the door.

While she does, Stefan heads to the police station and tells them he knows who killed Britt.

Present Day

Our various jurors prepare their day, including Yuri who chats nervously to Bjorn about the unconscious Brazilian. Things take a turn for the worst too when police show up at the construction site and start looking around. At the same time, Carl talks to his daughter Juliette about her grades.

Holly’s real name is leaked to the press and with her face plastered all over the papers, the jury question whether she should even be allowed to continue on. Carl takes the initiative here and confronts her, telling Holly what she’s done is “disgusting” and deciding she shouldn’t be allowed to carry on. Thankfully, the court and the rest of the jury think otherwise. 

The Courtroom – Day 3

Next to take the stand is FJP Commissioner Helen Pascual who explains what happened when the police arrived at the crime scene. It turns out a shard of glass had Fri’s fingerprints on and, alongside the various threats and complaints made to the police, they deduced that she was the culprit.

Furthermore, Stefan received a letter and on the envelope Fri had written some pretty damning curses. Only, the letter inside allegedly isn’t the same one she wrote all those years ago. The attention then turns to more video footage from 2017 of Fri interviewed by Helen, pressing her on the dates surrounding when she standing by the window. Helen admits to being there but not on the date the murder took place.

The prosecution then go on to explain how Fri was wearing gloves the night of the murder. Interestingly, the police were never able to retrieve them during their investigation.

After Court – Day 3

With court adjourned for the day, Stefan speaks to Fabrice outside, telling him not to spin anything positive about Fri. Yuri and Holly meanwhile continue their flirting game but this time things get a little more heated as they go rock climbing together and then kiss in his car.

2 Years earlier – Rose’s Attack

At Stefan’s house, a flustered Margot shows Helen the envelope but admits she can’t remember what the original letter said. Margot gives her a quick run-down before heading off. As it turns out, Helen appears to have fabricated the letter and as we hear the keys being pounded, we cut to black.

The Review Write-Up

The Twelve has been interesting so far but there’s a consistent feel that this show is dragging its heels a bit and drip feeding a lot of the information to us. The prosecution are really jumping to some pretty wild assumptions too and it begs the question how they are going to prosecute “beyond reasonable doubt”. There’s certainly plenty of doubt right now but also lots of intriguing points that keep this one exciting and worth sticking with for the time being.

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