The Summer I Turned Pretty – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Summer Love

Episode 7 of The Summer I Turned Pretty starts with Belly waking up and getting ready for the Debutante Ball. Susannah has a surprise for her downstairs though, which comes in the form of Laurel getting her the exact dress she wanted. Laurel has come around to the Deb Ball idea after all, accepting that her little girl isn’t so little anymore.

Meanwhile, Steven speaks to Shayla and reveals the awful truth about the poker night. He’s lost the money he’s saved up all Summer for and now he doesn’t have enough for a tux. Shayla is shocked and eventually offers to give him money, which he refuses. Steven doesn’t want to miss the big night, and eventually agrees to wear her father’s old tuxedo as a compromise.

Does Belly clear things up with Nicole? How does Conrad appease the boys?

When Steven drives back to Susannah’s, he notices Jeremiah and Belly kissing outside. He’s shocked that they’re together, but Belly tells him to trust that she’s doing the right thing.

After driving up to the Ball, Belly sits with Nicole and clears things up with her. She apologizes for what happened to Conrad and how he was her first love. “I’m completely over him.” Belly says, “No one ever gets over their first love.” Nicole replies.

At the Ball, Conrad apologizes to the guys for not hanging out as much this summer. As a way of making up for that, Conrad suggests they all go out for an overnight fishing trip. They agree, as things are tied up between the guys.

Who does Belly dance with at the Ball?

Jeremiah eventually hangs with Belly as they walk together, introduced to everyone with raucous applause. Only, it’s all too much for Laurel who heads out to get some air. John shows up and follows to make sure she’s okay. He also reveals that Victoria is no longer a factor; she’s out the picture.

Belly’s big dance number looks set to go ahead but unfortunately there’s a problem. Jeremiah finds out about Susannah’s cancer diagnosis prior to this and immediately heads outside, about to start crying. Belly is alone on the dancefloor, which sees Conrad forced to stand in for him. The dancing goes ahead and Jeremiah misses his chance with Belly. “I’m glad that it was me.” Conrad admits as the dancing ends.

Meanwhile, Cleveland speaks to Laurel and admits that Conrad knows about Susannah’s cancer. News of this also reaches the brothers too, as Jeremiah is understandably angry that Conrad has kept this from him. As they fight, in the middle of this ball, they confront Susannah and tell her they know what she’s hiding. And news of this does, inevitably, get to Susannah as well.

How does The Summer I Turned Pretty end?

When speaking alone, Susannah agrees to do the trial for both Jeremiah and Conrad’s sake, although it’s a pretty teary affair back at the house. It’s a bittersweet ending to the show, as the families gather together and eat dinner. It turns out Conrad’s bad mood has been because of Susannah’s diagnosis, and he admits as much to Belly that morning on the beach. He also tells her that he needs her, and kisses Belly. But… what does this mean for Jeremiah?

The Episode Review

So the final episode of The Summer I Turned Pretty bows out with an open conclusion, one that sees the Debutante Ball go ahead…but with surprising results. So it turns out Belly and Conrad may be a thing after all, which is going to absolutely crush Jeremiah when he finds out.

Meanwhile, Steven and Shayla remain steady, even kissing in front of everyone at the Deb Ball. Despite losing all that money in the poker game, it’s essentially for nothing anyway because he still gets to go with his girl. That one’s a keeper, Steven!

The shocker involving Susannah is finally unveiled for the whole family to know and it causes a maelstrom of emotion to wash over all our characters. The poignant conclusion eventually paves way for Susannah deciding to do the trial after all, desperate to prolong the time she’ll spend with her kids.

The writing for this teen drama has been pretty good across the board, and there’s been enough intrigue and romance to keep things enjoyable. Quite how the second season will play out from here though is anyone’s guess, but it promises to be quite the dramatic ordeal!

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