The Summer I Turned Pretty – Season 1 Episode 6 “Summer Tides” Recap & Review

Summer Tides

Episode 6 of The Summer I Turned Pretty begins with Belly waking up and reflecting on her night with Jeremiah. But then… still has feelings for Conrad too, causing a maelstrom of conflicting emotion to invade her mind. Just to make things even more difficult, Susannah encourages Conrad to invite Belly to the Deb Ball.

Conrad takes this badly, dealing with a lot of stress, as he heads down to the boat with Cleveland. Once there, he starts having a panic attack. Cleveland helps him out, giving the stressed guy some breathing exercises.

Once there, Conrad confides in the writer and admits that this all stems from what’s going on with Susannah. He knows what’s happening with her diagnosis but is finding it hard to broach the topic with her.

This episode’s big drama stems from a Volleyball Tournament, where each person is there to raise money. While Belly is getting ready, Conrad broaches the subject of taking her to the Deb Ball but she’s not sure.

Taylor shows up, getting ready for this tournament, and she obviously knows everything that’s going on. She encourages Belly to shoot Conrad down, admitting that she’s Team Jelly (Jeremiah and Belly) all the way.

During the game, Taylor hurts her ankle and subs out for Jeremiah…which happens to be her plan for matchmaking, if her subtle little grin to him is anything to go by. But then more drama ensues and Jeremiah is switched out for Conrad.

Anyway, Belly’s team wins the tournament but in getting her trophy, Susannah shows up and reveals it was her idea to have Conrad ask Belly to the Ball. It’s super awkward, as Belly realizes this wasn’t just a spontaneous thing that Conrad did.

Belly vents to Taylor about this and her conflicted feelings toward both guys. Taylor encourages her to open up and go all-in with Jeremiah, but for now the attention turns to Nicole’s boat party, where they all play games. It’s here where the other girls learn that Belly has kissed Jeremiah.

News of this obviously gets to Shayla, which reaches Steven… and then Conrad. News travels fast and Conrad finds his heart sink. Alone, Conrad messages Belly, telling her he did ask her to the Deb Ball because of his mum but also because he wanted to.

As the text comes through, Nicole and the girls end up reading it before Belly, mistaking Belly’s phone for Nicole’s. When they all realize what’s happened, they take off and leave the two girls stranded without any clothes. Taylor and Belly are forced to wander home by the side of the road in towels.

Nicole marches down to the party and confronts Conrad, where the pair break up. Nicole is unwilling to play second fiddle to Belly. When she drives off, Conrad and Jeremiah show with a bag full of their clothes, which Nicole dropped off after the break-up.

Conrad takes Taylor back, but en-route throws shade at him for playing games with Belly’s heart. At the same time, Belly and Jeremiah drive together. The latter knows about Conrad asking him to the Deb Ball.

As they stop by the side of the road, Belly thanks Jeremiah for finding her and as they kiss, getting a bit frisky in the process, Belly asks him to the Debutante Ball for real.

In the middle of the night, Conrad messages Belly and the pair head down to the dock together to talk. There, he hands over her bracelet and admits that he doesn’t want to lose her. “It’s too late.” She says, walking away.

The Episode Review

So it appears Belly has made her mind up and she’s decided to go all in with Team Jeremiah after all. A fine choice, I must say. The pair have been best friends for a long time and suit each other perfectly.

Whereas by comparison, you have Conrad who’s Belly’s first love but also a pretty toxic influence on her. That’s not to say he doesn’t have his positives, but it just doesn’t seem like the right time for these two to get together. Then again, that could change going forward into the final episode.

Everything is left wide open for where this one may go next, with plenty of drama to come in the ensuing finale. How will the Deb Ball go? Will there be a final twist to come? We’ll have to wait and see but for now, The Summer I Turned Pretty bows out its penultimate episode with another decent slice of drama.

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