The Spy – Episode 6 (The Finale) “Home” Recap & Review


The End

The season finale to The Spy begins on the 24th January 1965. We see Suidani and soldiers ready to storm Eli’s apartment and Nadia traveling with Dan to the Syrian embassy in Paris.


We then flashback to 5 months earlier; Eli is finally allowed back home and the Mossad is discussing Syria’s plan. They are planning to pump all the water out of the Sea of Galilee, taking away Israel’s most important resource and they’ll be able to accomplish this thanks to their secret facility, Shallal. Mossad wants to send an air strike, but Dan is against it because it will put Eli in danger of being discovered. Especially given he is one of the very few aware of Shallal’s location. They also think that Eli being the defence minister would be an opportunity too good to miss.

While Eli is having dinner with his family, his brother Maurice takes him aside and tells him that he knows he is the undercover agent based in Syria. After this, Eli speaks to Dan and tells him he is having hard time putting away his other persona and is forgetting who he really is. Dan replies that it is because he has been away a long time but that he will need to go back soon. He explains that his mission will be to accept the Minister Of Defense position and to make up with Saliha.

Two weeks later, Eli is back in Syria where he sees the country on high alert after two spies were discovered. Suidani, with a group of Russians, are patrolling the streets, trying to detect any illegal Morse code being sent.

The next day, Eli has dinner with the president and while they talk about politics, they hear a rumbling; the Israeli planes are bombing Shallal. This prompts Eli to send a Morse code message to Mossad about the successful destruction of the Shallal. Unfortunately, Suidani and the Russians intercept the transmission and end up arresting him. When the president finds out about Eli’s treason, he has everyone connected to him arrested, including Ma’azi, Saliha and her father.

As the news spread around the world, French human rights lawyer, Jacques Mercier, will try to plead for clemency but the chances are very slim.

This then leads us back to the events seen in the beginning of the first episode, with Eli in prison writing a letter to his wife. Nadia listens to the rest of the radio announcement that reveals that Eli will be executed that same evening. After finishing the letter, the soldiers arrive and take him away. They make him walk among the crowd and have him publicly hung in the Marjeh Square.

The episode then ends with an epilogue explaining that his body was left on display for six hours. However, his sacrifice was not completely in vain as the Eucalyptus trees he had planted helped the Israeli military locate the Syrian bunkers and the Golan heights were taken in two days. Unfortunately, to this day, his body has still not been returned to his family in Israel as the Syrians are refusing to give it to them. Nadia has never remarried and is still trying to get back to Israel.

The finale of The Spy was as expected; a dramatic and emotional conclusion. Sacha’s performance has definitely been impressive and while we don’t actually see him being tortured, we are shown his fingers bruised and bloody while he writes a letter to his wife. With this subtle scene, we are left to imagine the kind of pain he must have endured, especially after seeing the torture administered to Ma’azi after being arrested.

The episode has also used some real footage and seeing the actual body of Eli hanging in the square was very emotional and gave even more authenticity to his harrowing story.

The Spy has really been an interesting and fascinating drama to watch. Many people might not have been aware of his story before this and it has been nice to see that his sacrifice and devotion for the cause will be recognised by more people in the world. In the meantime, we are left hoping for Nadia’s sake that one day, she will be able to bring his body back to Israel.


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