The Spy – Episode 5 “Fish Gotta Swim” Recap & Review


Closer To The Truth

We begin episode 5 of The Spy in March 1963, with one of Eli’s extravagant parties underway, complete with all the important people he was instructed to invite. Meanwhile, Amin has planned a military coup and takes over multiple key places, killing numerous people and forcing the current president to resign. As all the guests leave Eli’s party, they’re all arrested and murdered by Amin’s men.

One year later, tension is building in Syria and Suidani is growing paranoid about the people around him. During the celebration of Syria’s independence, Eli sees Amin, now president, secretly meeting with Mohammed Bin Laden. Eli sends pictures of him to Mossad who reveals that he has been involved with important construction in the Middle East and that they are concerned with his presence in Syria.

At Amin’s house, Eli finds out that general Ad’din tried to kill himself because he couldn’t take the torture. Eli then gives a passionate speech about how important the Ba’ath is to Syria before Mohammed Bin Laden later speaks with Eli, explaining that he needs his help getting special pieces of machinery into the country.

After having dinner with the girl he’s dating, Saliha, Eli is confronted by Ma’azi in the street who asks him if he knew that his uncle was going to get arrested. After seeing how upset his old friend is, a fed up Eli decides to break things off with Saliha.

Mossad is planning to put a tracking device on the machinery Bin Laden is intending to bring into the country. Later that night, Eli communicates with them to set the plan in motion and speaks to the morse code analyst about football. Suidani, still suspicious, sees that one of the soldier’s TV is having interference and that it happens on a regular basis at the same time every day.

The day of the shipment then arrives and Eli asks Bin Laden to be taken to Shallal to which the latter denies of its existence. Eli later meets with President Amin who offers him the position of Minister Of Defence where we leave the episode, and series, hanging in the balance.

The penultimate episode of The Spy certainly brings more tension to the table with Suidani growing ever closer to unmasking Eli. The addition of the Bin Laden family is an interesting touch and in a recent interview with the show-runners, the family’s inclusion was a deliberate one, a plot device to help add some depth to proceedings.

The Spy has definitely been a fascinating spy drama, one that’s as informative as it is enjoyable and with just one episode left, the finale looks set to deliver a dramatic and emotional end to this mini-series.


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