The Snow Girl – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Episode 5

We start episode 5 of The Snow Girl with the story of the kidnappers, until now hidden from us. Miren’s guess was right: the kidnapper is indeed Iris Molina and her husband Santiago.

We go back to where it all started – the day of the parade. Iris is heartbroken over being told by Ana that she can never have a child. Santiago tries to console her and says he will do everything possible to keep trying. At the parade, they see the Martin family arrive. At one instance, Iris spots Amaya crying alone. She takes her hand. Santiago looks for her parents and Iris too initially wants to give her back.

But when she really sees her in the eyes, her maternal instincts take over. Something clicks and Iris makes the decision to take her. Santiago is not in favour of doing so but she seems desperate. Santiago takes the yellow coat and throws it in the building and we see Torres, the neighbour, having a peek at Iris and Amaya in the streets. Iris muffles Amaya’s screams as we see Ana and Alvaro pass her by and call for her. But Iris is determined to become her mother. The couple takes Amaya to their secluded home in a rural area on the outskirts of Malaga.

Santiago still feels they should hand her back. But Iris does her best to convince him. She is too attached to the idea of becoming a family that she does not hear pleas from Santiago not to separate Amaya from her mother. Eventually, he gives in and Iris is a mother – but not for Amaya.

The little girl only wants her mother and does not see Iris in that capacity. The first few days are rough, where Amaya rejects Iris’ advances. Raul, the relationship manager from the bank, comes to inform Santiago that he is behind on his mortgage payments.

Iris holds Amaya close to her chest as she whimpers. Raul hears them but does not pay too much heed and leaves. Santiago prepares the room for Amaya. The child is still distressed and when she sees her mother on the television, she gets very anxious and starts crying.

Iris has not been able to break through Amaya’s guard but Santiago asks her not to push it. They are aware of caging Amaya and keeping her like a prisoner from the rest of the world. But Iris has to choose the better of the vices. Over time, we see Amaya settle into her new household and her new identity, Julia.

Santiago keeps an eye on the developments in the case but takes comfort ins seeing Iris happy once again. She wishes to go to France, where they first met, but Santiago has extinguished all his savings for now. Iris’ heart melts when she sees Miren’s interview with Ana and decides to send the first recording. Santiago does not approve of the act but has to bow down to his wife once again.

We see him taking the recording and delivering it to the post. Amaya mentions wanting to see the world beyond her house but Iris shoots down her request, saying there are a lot of bad men in the world trying to hurt her.

It is the day of Amaya’s 12th birthday. The couple is inside while she plays outside with Chispa. When Iris sees Raul’s car coming in, she rushes to bring Amaya in. Raul obviously sees this chaotic scene and Iris knows this. Santiago still invites him in like the last time. But as Raul is leaving, Iris shoots him dead, fearing that he will report them.

They are forced to burn Raul’s body but Santiago is mentally shaken. He feels guilt and remorse over the death. The police come to investigate but Raul handles them well.

We jump to 2019, where Iris decides to send another video to Ana. This is in response to the letter they get from the bank, asking them to evict the house. Iris behaves hysterically, compelling Amaya to ask Santiago if she is crazy. But he dismisses her concerns and asks her to take care of her.

Santiago is burdened by this whole ordeal and sits outside the station in Malaga, in a dilemma about whether or not to confess. He decides to confess but is hit by a speeding car, falling to his death. Iris is heartbroken but Amaya takes care of her.

Santiago’s life insurance pays for the house and Iris can afford a smile. She says to Amaya they can stay there forever and they embrace. Iris sends the second recording as the final goodbye for Amaya’s parents. She lies in bed with Amaya, vowing never to leave her alone.

The Episode Review

Episode 5 showcased the entire behind-the-scenes of how the kidnapping happened. As a viewer, this creative choice compels you to be divided over which side to choose. Iris and Santiago’s helplessness and actions cannot overshadow that they are good people. Yet, they separated Amaya from her mother.

This fact is countered by how well they kept her as their own daughter. This emotional and moral balancing act makes this show even more compelling than it was. A real effort has been made to carve out a unique story and characters, and the makers of Snow Girl can hold up their heads with pride.

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