The Snow Girl – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Episode 4

Miren gets on the same bus as Foster to get more answers as The Snow Girl episode 4 begins. Her curiosity about his knowledge of the rape coincides with the logo she found on Samuel’s laptop. Foster reveals that a website, called “Slide”, hosts such video submissions from users. It spans all kinds of stuff like child pornography, torture, and rape.

Although he does not frequent the site anymore, Foster has a proposition for Miren. He can give her a list of names of the users from the website from where she can find her rapists. But he wants ten grand in return. There is no guarantee that she will find her rapists but a small chance exists.

She goes back home and cries inconsolably. She is angry as well about the video being circulated on the internet and being seen by many other people. Miren calls Eduardo to meet and discuss the new information about the case and Luque. The moment she mentions Slide, Eduardo cuts her off and asks her to stay away. Many powerful people are behind this organization and it is best Miren does not get involved in whatever it is. Miren is undeterred but cautious in how she proceeds. She checks her balance and withdraws half the amount Foster asked for.

He is generous enough to agree to give her the list but there is a catch. He asks her to pose for photos, for the record, and she reluctantly agrees, with no other way out. There is disgust on her face as she exits but she has the list. Three years hence, we see that Foster’s cavern burns in the night. Miren gets an alert on her mobile saying that a package has been left for the parents of Amaya. The package says Adios and is another video of Amaya playing in the same room. The parents converge once again at the station and scream out in shock when they see the package and what is written on it.

Ana threatens the cops to do their job and says they will never get rid of her if they do not solve the case. Belen is shaken but Chaparro raises her spirits by saying they do not know her at all and she must not take the comments to her heart. Belen and Miren both get to work and closely scrutinize the video, frame by frame. While the latter notices possible differences in the heads of the VCR in the two images (from the video sent before and sent now), the former is more critical and sees new toys being added to the dollhouse.

She suspects that these miniature toys are rare and could be a promising lead. Ana gets ready to make one final comment in the press and it is quite impactful. She cries her heart out and Alvaro even announces a 100,000 euro prize for anyone who helps find Amaya. Belen and Chaparoo go to a toy shop that specializes in this craft and it seems there is a lead. But the elderly owner, whose daughter now runs the store, is unsure if he made the toys or not, making it another dead end. Belen and Chaparro are informed about the burning caravan and discover a safe, intact from the charred chassis of the car.

Miren finally reaches the repair shop which specializes in vintage VHS players. Fortunately, the lead proves to be very potent as the keeper confirms that someone got the same set (Sanyo ’85) repaired two weeks ago. But he gets defensive when she says she is a reporter and boots her out. Miren, desperate for answers, steals the book and sees the name of the customer and finds her address. It is Iris Molina and she is definitely the kidnapper.

Two scenes then finish the episode. Belen finds the photos in the sage and questions Miren about them. Miren goes to visit Luque in 2016 to get more information, but he levels her entire belief system with a simple answer: vices will never be eradicated from the world and people like Miren will always remain unsatisfied.

The Episode Review

There is so much to admire about The Snow Girl’s dark universe and compelling writing. Some of the dialogues in episode 4 by David and Miren add so much depth to the show’s statement and storyline. Another timeline was added and the transition was smooth too. Each phase of Amaya’s investigation seems to carry its own burdens for the characters.

Miren has the added drive to find out the identity of her rapists. Milena Smit has done a remarkable job in sketching Miren for the viewers. It is so interesting to see the world through her eyes and how the world sees her. Little things about her makeup, or thereby lack of it, are fine tuned with Snow Girl’s sensibilities.

This limited series keeps pulling in the punches and is turning out to be a delightfully balanced limited series.

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