The Simpsons – Season 35 Episode 2 “A Mid-Childhood Night’s Dream” Recap & Review

The Simpsons

A Mid-Childhood Night’s Dream

Episode 2 The Simpsons season 35 starts with Marge having a nightmare involving her kids, especially Bart.

Marge isn’t feeling well, and she can’t relax because of excessive overthinking and recurring nightmares. Marge has another scary dream about Bart getting out of her control. She gets highly emotional about Bart growing up and out of her love’s reach.

After a near-normal discussion with Bart’s teacher, Rayshelle Peyton, Marge goes completely berserk. She plunges further into her anxiety when Bart informs her that he won’t be participating in the annual Bounce-A-Thon due to his interest in taking crazy pictures. Her fears soon multiply, and she begins to worry about Lisa and Maggie too.

In her dream, Homer takes up many forms. As a dog, Homer shows an alternative visual where Lisa, all enthusiastic about Bounce-A-Thon, wishes her mother would be there for her. Subsequently, she wakes up from her dream and takes a scooter to Bounce-A-Thon to cheer for Lisa. Despite her overwhelming dread, she manages to cheer for her daughter.

Marge is hospitalized where she meets with Bart’s teacher again. During this meeting, Bart’s teacher gets a chance to explain that she didn’t mean Bart’s childhood was over bringing the much-needed relief to Marge. 

During the Bounce-A-Thon, Marge and Bart come close, and their love remains intact.

The Episode Review

What a waste of an episode! However much you love the show, there is a good likelihood you won’t find this particular episode likeable. It’s completely vacant right from the start to the end. So much so that even 22 minutes seems like too much to sit through.

However, based on the storyline, there appears to be a possibility that the makers might start aging the characters in the show. Only time will tell. Anyways, what do you think? Will season 35 get back on track?

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