The Simpsons – Season 34 Episode 2 “One Angry Lisa” Recap & Review

The Simpsons

One Angry Lisa

Episode 2 of The Simpsons Season 34 starts with Marge watching a weird exercise bike advertisement with Homer. She asks Homer if she can have one as her birthday is coming up soon. Though reluctant, Homer goes to a shop to buy a bike for his wife, and he gets one in instalments. Unable to assemble, Homer gets stuck on the parts. While he is asleep, Marge assembles the bike and kicks off her exercise regime. 

Lisa finds a couple of mails of legal notice, and she gets worried about landing in jail. Meanwhile, Homer and Marge are both going crazy. Marge is obsessed with her instructor, Jesse. And, Homer is worried about losing Marge to Jesse. Homer goes to Moe’s Tavern where he learns there are other men like him that are having similar problems with Jesse. 

Marge falls for Jesse’s sale tactics and signs up for a private ride where it’s just two of them. Homer returns home to apologize to Marge only to find her riding the exercise bike with Jesse. He abandons his plan to apologize, instead returning to Moe’s Tavern with the intent on taking Jesse down. 

Lisa is serving jury duty. During a hearing, she says she finds the Judge guilty of criminal indifference and playing Wordle while on duty. Furious, the judge asks a cop to take Lisa away.

Homer pops up at Jesse’s place interrupting his private riding session with Marge. Seeing Homer being manhandled, Marge decides to save him. She gets on Lisa’s bike and rides stylishly to the spot of the brawl. The couple beat Jesse and head back home on Lisa’s bike, singing Just the Two of Us.

The Episode Review

This one has been a relief. Homer and the fam impress us with their performance in the episode. Though the plot might seem worn out, it has been executed brilliantly.

There is a little of everything here – fun, humour, emotions, and a happy ending. It’s a big leap from the first one, and our hopes are high for the upcoming episodes. 

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