The Simpsons Season 34 Episode 3 “Lisa the Boy Scout” Recap & Review

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Lisa the Boy Scout

Episode 3 of The Simpsons season 34 starts with Bart asking Homer for the family bugle as he is preparing to be the boy scout. While he struggles to play the bugle horn, Lisa enters playing the flugelhorn perfectly. Bart yells at her telling her she can’t be a part of boy explorers as a girl. Lisa, taking pride in herself, tells that she has joined the jamboree and is already adorned with multiple badges.

Marge comes to separate the two from getting into a physical scuffle. Then the unexpected happens. A group of two hackers called Pseudo-nonymous takes over the broadcast. Both have masks on, and their voice is being generated digitally to conceal their true identity. They inform the viewers that they have hacked into the servers of Disney Corporation. The hackers claim to have hundreds of hours of unaired footage from The Simpsons. They further tell the stories are so brainless that their broadcast would damage the IP itself.

They ask for a ransom of $20 million in Bitcoin from Disney. And, until the ransom money is received, they will continue to air the idiotic scenes. The first scene they show is about Lenny being an imaginary person. The hackers briefly appear again re-stating that they are not kidding and mean real business. After a number of nonsense scenes are released, the hackers slowly start falling in love. Meanwhile, their voice-changing app stops working because the free trial period has ended. They start taking interest in each other’s life. Finally, hackers release more of the stupid scenes from the show while making out.

After a long marathon of scenes, the hackers’ masks come off as they continue kissing. Cops arrive at the location and ask them to surrender. The hackers promise if they go down, they will take the show with them. As the cops get ready to capture them, the hackers threaten to destroy a lot more than just The Simpsons including Marvel and Star Wars. Cops are worried now. One of the hackers restarts the original broadcast.

Homer and Marge are scolding the scout master because Bart and Lisa are nowhere to be found. But, then the kids emerge from inside the woods, and the couple showers them with kisses and love. Homer tells his kids he has never been a prouder dad. The family heads back home happily.

The Episode Review

It’s a choice you have to make. If you watch it, you are most likely going to feel you wasted your time. At the same time, you wouldn’t want to miss it as it’s an out-of-the-box concept. Coming to the core of the episode, it’s a messy pile of silly clips which seems like an excuse to cover the dearth of real stories, to say the least.

The episode wouldn’t be classified as horrible only because it’s an unusual kind of story. If you are up for something unusual, you may give it a shot.

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