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Star of Japanese BL drama My Beautiful Man (Utsukushii Kare) and 2023 film My Beautiful Man – Eternal, Yusei Yagi of FANTASTICS talks to TheReviewGeek about his character and getting to know his counterpart, Riku Hagiwara.

In an exclusive interview with the lead actor, 26-year-old Yagi shares one spoiler from the cinema release My Beautiful Man – Eternal (marked below) and explains what it’s like to be a part of the two-season series, My Beautiful Man (Viki). Meanwhile, Yagi keeps busy touring with the group and releases a new music video for FANTASTICS’s latest hit, Tell Me

Many manga-based romance dramas are silly and sweet, but My Beautiful Man seems to have something more. What do you think is different about this story?

Reading the original work, My Beautiful Man, was filled with detail – my mind was flooded, image after image. On top of that, there was the emotional atmosphere, the feelings of the characters and the difficult but humorous language – especially in Hira’s monologues. I don’t think I’ve seen many works that are so delicately and finely packed.

In the My Beautiful Man series, you and Riku Hagiwara do a great job of making your characters and their relationship appear genuine. It feels like you must trust each other to have been able to create something so heartfelt. Tell us about your first meeting and how well you know each other.

I met him for the first time at a costume fitting for the TV drama. My first impression was that he’s very serious and gentle. But as we worked together, I began to feel that he’s truly innocent and open-minded. Riku is younger, but we like similar things, so we became closer and closer. He’s a guy who lives for his hobbies.

Tell us, what’s beautiful about your co-star Hagiwara Riku? What would he say is beautiful about you?

Riku has really beautiful eyes. Those big black eyes are so distinctive that they almost suck you in. Riku often says my muscles are beautiful (LOL!).

How is the character different or similar to you (beyond the interest in performing)?

Kiyoi and I are surprisingly opposite! The only similarity is that we both want to feel loved.

The role of Kiyoi seems quite difficult as the character evolves but then falls back into his previous state. Tell us how you become Kiyoi (across 2 seasons and a movie).

I was talking with Director Sakai about how Kiyoi is definitely the princess and heroine by far, having finally been united with Hira. As for Kiyoi’s evolution, there’s a change in honesty about his feelings.

Season 2 of My Beautiful Man left us with Hira trying to face Kiyoi head-on. But it’s not in Hira’s character to think that way. Can you tell us a little bit about what we can expect in My Beautiful Man – Eternal? Does Kiyoi manage to help Hira move forward as he’d wish?

Even once they’re together, Kiyoi still has the heart of a princess, yet he wants Hira to be able to face him on equal footing instead of looking up. Rather than having Kiyoi change to match Hira, I continued with the spirit of ‘Hira, you come to me.’


What was the most difficult moment or scene for you to convey in My Beautiful Man? Perhaps a romantic scene? How did you and Hagiwara Riku prepare for it?

There’s a climactic scene in an abandoned factory in My Beautiful Man – Eternal where Kiyoi desperately rushes to Hira, thinking he’s died. It was difficult to find a balance because Kiyoi had to control his heartbreak, not able to cry or scream. But at that moment, character aside, I was in pain too.


It must be difficult to balance your schedule and your mind with acting roles in addition to your position within FANTASTICS. How has that experience shaped you as an actor and a performer?

All these experiences are positive and beneficial. For example, through acting, I have learned how to better express emotions through lyrics as a performer. I was able to expand my sense of values and other aspects of myself. It’s contributed greatly to my growth as a performer but also as a person.

It sounds like in school you were headed toward a sports-related future. Do you believe your soccer injury is something that led you to your current career?

Definitely yes. Without that injury, I would certainly not be where I am today. I was shocked at the time, but now I see it positively – it’s something that had to happen.

Your role in HiGH&LOW THE WORST X couldn’t be more different to My Beautiful Man. You’ve previously noted wanting to work in other genres including action and historic dramas. Now that you’ve done action, what’s the role you would love to do next?

It’s a big dream, but one day I’d like to be in a Taiga Drama, (NHK historical drama) and become a character of that era, such as Shinsengumi or Yoshitsune. Living in the past is an experience I’d like to try.

Tell us a little bit about yourself on a personal level. What inspires you to keep going? Do you see a long-term career in acting and/or music?

Acting and being an artist are equally rewarding in the sense that one can leave behind a body of work. I am motivated by my fans who look forward to seeing me, so I can do my best! I hope to continue to do so for a long time to come.

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