The Politician – Season 2 Episode 4 Recap and Review

Hail Mary

Episode 4 of The Politician Season 2 starts with Georgina talking with her team about the approval rating and how to improve it as she wants to be at 100%. She suggests banning plastic in California while Tino’s wife wakes up from her coma and asks to speak to the press.

In the evening, McAfee sneaks into Payton’s dorm as she has some dirt on Hadassah. Over the last few days, she has noticed that the woman has been a lot happier and after spying on her, she found out that she is having an affair with William. Both McAfee and Payton think they can use that to their advantage in their next campaign.

After setting her up, Payton meets with Hadassah and tries to blackmail her with her affair involving William. He tells her that he can go to the press and Dede will still win but only by a little, which will set him up for another campaign or she can pull out and she can still run for VP. Hadassah tells him that Dede is so far ahead that no matter what happens, she will win.

Payton replies that she has 12 hours as he also believes that if the voters find out, they will not go out and vote on Tuesday. Hadassah reveals that he doesn’t know everything and to run his story as she doesn’t care.

Payton goes for a walk with Alice next who announces that she is pregnant. She thinks that because she was jealous of Astrid, she was less careful. However, she thinks that a young and attractive family could help his campaign and wants to announce their engagement to the press the day before the election. Both are happy about it but Alice tells him they need to break it off with Astrid first.

Hadassah calls Dede panicking as Payton knows everything. Dede tries to reassure her about the situation and tells her she wants to sleep on it. Dede and Marcus also reveal to them that they have found another man for their throuple, which shocks William. They are all also shocked to find out that Tino’s wife has woken up from her coma.

Once awake, she speaks to the press as she is planning to file for divorce. She also reveals that she heard everything he told her while unconscious, including wishing she was dead and that he didn’t care about being in the senate. She also tells everyone that he has been having an affair with Georgina Hobart.

In Payton’s office, James is angry when he finds out that he was kept out of the loop with Payton and McAfee’s plan. Payton explains that he know he doesn’t like to take risks which is why he didn’t talk to him about it. William suddenly appears in the office and talks to them about their current situation. He tells them that Dede is in a new throuple and that Marcus is not the most honest man as he gets paid for secretly writing papers for undergraduates in many prestigious universities across the country. However, he believes Dede is unaware of it.

Georgina holds a conference to admit she had an affair with Tino but ended as soon as she found out what kind of man he is. When Tino calls her, she tells him he shouldn’t give up and to announce his VP soon. We then cut to Tino trying to convince Dede to be his VP as he believes this is the right move for both of them. She tells him she will think about it before leaving for California to meet with Georgina.

She then tries speaking to her about her son and what he is doing to her campaign but all Georgina wants to talk about is her throuple as she is interested in getting into one. Dede insists that she is a fighter and will not give up easily, even if it means hurting her son.

Back in the campaign office, Payton meets with his team to discuss whether they should use what they know about Dede and Marcus against them. They decide not to tarnish their reputation as they have been doing good and Payton’s numbers are actually up.

Payton and Alice meet with Astrid next to tell her their news but the latter surprises them with the news that she is pregnant. Alice tells her she is pregnant too and that they are planning to announce it before the election. Payton offers to support her and her baby financially but she will have to sign an NDA.

She is not happy with the proposal so she leaves and threatens to have a press conference herself. The episode ends with James meeting with the New York Times reporter to leak everything about Dede and Marcus.

This latest installment raises the stakes quite a lot with more revelations for some of the characters. Payton finally gets the upper hand when he finds out more potential scandals regarding Dede but decides to keep his campaign clean which is quite admirable from him. However, James decides to go against him and leaks everything to the press anyway. This is bound to create a lot of drama and some discord in the group. In his personal life, Payton is set to face some complications as Astrid announces her pregnancy.

All these different plot points are certainly teasing some dramatic moments in the next few episodes. The Politician has so far managed to get the right blend of drama and dark humour, let’s hope that continues throughout the rest of the series.

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