The Politician – Season 2 Episode 5 Recap & Review


Mother Vs Daughter

Episode 5 of The Politician Season 2 starts as a mother and her daughter Jayne watch the news revealing the scandal surrounding Dede’s throuple and Marcus being paid to write college essays. Both women argue about their political ideas as Jayne believes Dede has been lying for years but her mother defends her as she has been making a lot of positive changes for them.

Jayne then leaves tovolunteer at Payton’s head office where Andrew asks her on a date. She declines this before witnessing Payton arguing with James about what he leaked to the press. While Jayne starts calling voters on the list, Payton storms in the room with James and fires him. They then see on the news that there is a massive turnout at the polling stations so they decide to organize a big event.

At the polling station, we see that Jayne’s mum, Andi, is volunteering. Dede arrives with Hadassah and is hounded by journalists who want her statement about the articles. She tells them she hasn’t read it but that there is no truth to it. Payton arrives next with Alice who both announce their pregnancy. Dede quickly leaves with Hadassah but are followed by Andi. She tells them that there has been a lot of young people voting today. Dede replies that they are up by 15 and invites her to a party in her office later that day.

While getting ready for his rally, Jayne asks Payton if he really cares about the environment or if he’s just doing it for his campaign. He explains that he does care and became inspired once he started talking about it. He promises to focus on that issue when he wins but for that, he needs young people to vote.

Andi arrives at the party in Dede’s office. She is surprised to see that they don’t recycle but speaks to Dede and Hadassah about how many young people are voting today. She suggests going to a university campus and convincing more to come out to vote for her instead. All three leave but in the car Andi realizes that Dede might be wrong as she claims that young people should not be in charge even after she tries convincing her that she does care about the climate.

Jayne leaves the car and comes across Payton giving a speech about the changes he wants to make. To prove that he will, he takes a cold shower and promises to recycle the water. She then decides to head into the polling station to cast her vote. At home, she talks to her daughter about their argument from the morning. She agrees that she was part of the problem and believes it is now her generation’s time to make a difference. Jayne realizes that her mum voted for Payton and they hug as the episode closes.

The Politician brings another interesting episode this time, one which concentrates on the difference between how the older and younger generation feel about changes and what politics can do. This is something that is quite important and certainly topically relevant.

This chapter was slightly different to the rest too, depicting this in the point of view of voters which is reminisce of episode 5 of the first season which followed one of the potential voters back when Payton was in school. The series is building towards its finale nicely now, which certainly promises to be as thrilling and intriguing as the last one was.

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