The Perfect Find (2023) Ending Explained – Does Darcy accept Jenna and Eric’s relationship?

The Perfect Find Plot Summary

The Perfect Find is an unconventional romantic comedy that follows the life of Jenna, a 40-year-old woman who works in the fashion industry. After the break up of a ten-year relationship and being fired from her job, Jenna finds herself at rock bottom and lives with her mother. However, a year later, her mother’s had enough and pushes Jenna to get back out there.

‘Out there’ being New York, where Jenna approaches an old rival named Darcy for a job at her magazine, Darzine. In her bid to get back to life, Jenna even goes to a party with her friends and kisses a handsome but much younger guy named Eric. The next day at work, she’s introduced to Eric once again as none other than Darzine’s videographer and Darcy’s very own son.

Naturally, the two decide to keep things professional between them. But can it last? Read on to find out what happens ahead in The Perfect Find.

Do Jenna and Eric get together?

Despite a rocky start due to their generation gap and the arguments that stem from it, Jenna and Eric find a decent footing and become friends. And even better co-workers, as their ideas begin to succeed at Darzine.

When Jenna’s friends set her up with a man named Jimmy at a dinner party, she invites Eric and his friends over as well. Instead of Jimmy though, Jenna rekindles her romance with Eric and they end up sleeping together.

Jenna and Eric then start dating but not publicly as she is worried about Darcy finding out. This bothers Eric, who doesn’t want to be hidden away all the time. Meanwhile, Jenna’s ex-boyfriend Brian keeps trying to get back in touch with her. She ends up in a fight with Eric when they meet his ex-girlfriend Madison. He later gets into a misunderstanding about Brian as well.

However, when Eric holes himself up at home, Jenna makes a bold move and goes to see him there. They clear up the misunderstandings and make up.

Does Darcy find out about Jenna and Eric?

Darcy indeed finds out. In fact, she walks in on them having sex in her own house. Naturally, she’s furious and tells Jenna she’s fired. Eric tries to quit but Darcy doesn’t let him. Jenna claims they’re in love but Darcy doesn’t budge.

Darcy refers to the time that she spoke to Jenna about Eric’s ‘crush’ and how Jenna betrayed her promise of not having any distractions. Eric is bothered by Jenna and Darcy talking about him separately. Jenna tries to defend herself and looks to Eric for support but he stays quiet. Jenna leaves the apartment, dejected.

Do the couple break up?

It definitely seems like the couple break up as they are shown separately. As time passes by, Eric moves into his own apartment and starts working on a documentary about his father, who passed away when he was 2. Around New Year’s Eve, Jenna reaches out and they meet again. Eric tells her he left Darzine and got a grant to work on his documentary. Jenna’s teaching a fashion course at a college and claims she found her calling.

She then breaks the news that she’s pregnant. Eric asks if she already spoke to Darcy about this to which Jenna, of course, says no. Eric, who expected to talk about their relationship, is taken aback and asks for some time to process things.

Does Darcy change her mind?

While Jenna’s speaking with her mother, Darcy drops by at her house. Darcy knows about the pregnancy and isn’t too happy. She asks if Jenna had anything to do with Eric’s documentary. Jenna says it’s what Eric wants for himself.

Darcy then opens up about Eric’s father, about how her parents hated him. They cut her off for being with him. When he passed away, they didn’t even come to the funeral. Darcy won’t do that to Jenna. She says, like it or not, they’re family now.

How does The Perfect Find end?

Eric shows up at Jenna’s gynaecology appointment. He tells Jenna he’s going to be with her through it all. They find out it’s a baby boy and Jenna suggests they name him Otis. Eric then gives her two tickets to Darcy’s gala.

Eric and Jenna go to the Darzine gala as a couple. Jenna is interviewed about her comeback. She retorts by calling it a perfect find instead and then kisses Eric in front of the whole crowd.

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