The Perfect Find (2023) Movie Review – A charming romance marred by a disappointing third act

A charming romance marred by a disappointing third act

The good thing about The Perfect Find is that it jumps right into the story. Unlike a lot of other romantic comedies that love to linger over their expositions, The Perfect Find doesn’t waste any time. Jenna’s mother kicks her out. She finds a job. Kisses a younger man at a party. He’s her boss’ son. Bam, done. We are already at the meat of the story.

The film even uses its opening credits to show how Jenna hits rock bottom after a big breakup and getting fired from her job. It’s this crisp form of storytelling that raises my hopes for the rest of the film. And most of the film does take you on the feel-good ride of a relationship that is both, a budding and a forbidden, romance.

Gabrielle Union and Keith Powers do an excellent job as the lead pair, bringing both characters to life. Keith Powers, in particular, has mastered the art of making heart-eyes. Their chemistry is off the charts, whether as bickering friends, a power pair of colleagues at work, or as a couple. Even Gina Torres does a fabulous job as Darcy, Eric’s mother and Jenna’s boss. She’s enigmatic and deserves more screen time as well as depth.

But then so did the movie. The story tries to immerse itself in the fields of fashion and cinema. And while it does bring up some exciting mentions about Nina Mae McKinney and Greta Garbo, the overall treatment is on a superficial level. This is why, in the end, the old-film-style closing of the film doesn’t feel earned.

However, the movie is enjoyable and interesting enough that this doesn’t make too much of a difference. Like any movie set in the fashion industry, the costumes are a visual treat. The soundtrack has some great choices and will have you bobbing your head. And there’s the story itself. The trajectory of Jenna and Eric’s relationship, the sneaking around, Jenna’s girl gang — it’s all standard rom-com but truly a fun watch.

The film also brings up several interesting points. There’s the generation gap between Jenna and Eric and their naturally differing opinions. There’s the rivalry between Darcy and Jenna, layered with misunderstandings. The characters often talk about dreams and careers and insecurities in a way that is incredibly relatable.

A standout scene where Jenna and Eric lay in bed after sex is proof of this. They are sprawled over each other, comfortable. Bits of their conversation are intercut with one another and we get to see the intimate moments when they truly connect. It’s delicate and vulnerable and kind of beautiful.

Then comes the third act. This is where the story begins to fault and give way to a totally unsatisfactory ending. The problem is how much it disregards the themes set up in the beginning, The generation gaps, solidarity amongst women, the dynamic in a secret relationship — they are all left unaddressed. Instead, there is a sudden twist in the tale and the film’s entire focus shifts.

It’s a shame because The Perfect Find really could have been the perfect find for a person in need of a fun and easy rom-com on a weekend. But the conclusion leaves one far too unsatisfied to enjoy any of its previous charms.

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  • Verdict - 7/10

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