The Penthouse – Season 3 Episode 11 Recap & Review

I’m gonna swing from the chandelier

Episode 11 of Penthouse Season 3 begins with Dan-Tae behind bars and face to face with his daughter, Seok-Kyung. She taunts him, as Dan-Tae brings up the past and everything he’s “sacrificed” for her. Seok-Kyung has had enough and walks away, saying goodbye for good as a desperate Dan-Tae drops to his knees and pleads with her for help. Seok-Kyung scoffs, calling him pathetic and leaving.

Meanwhile, Ms Jin is also begging, this time with Logan. She needs psychiatric help though, and she’s warned off from seeing Eun-Byeol again. Her absence doesn’t stop Eun-Byeol from spiking Seo-Jin’s drink with pills. As they both drink together, their celebrations are interrupted by a call regarding Cheong-A Constructions. Specifically, Alex is going to buy it out but the issues with Dan-Tae conjure up a black cloud over this whole event.

As Seo-Jin strikes a deal, under the pretense that no criminal activity is involved, she turns her attention to Ro-Na. She tries to buy out the girl but Ro-Na is clever. She calls in reporters to incriminate Seo-Jin right in front of everyone. And just like that, she plays the dashcam footage of Seo-Jin pushing the car.

Eun-Byeol ends up seeing the news reports too and remembers what happened in the past. Given the pills in Seo-Jin’s drink, the girl could well forget everything. Before that happens though, Alex rings and cancels the contract with Seo-Jin, telling her that these crimes are a direct violation of what they agreed previously.

As Seo-Jin finishes her phone call, Ma-Ri grabs her and injects something into her neck, holding her captive. When Seo-Jin awakens, strapped down to a bed, Su-Ryeon shows up They’re in the same place she kept Logan, while the board are in uproar following the revelations about Seo-Jin.

Given the embezzlement involved in all this, Kyu-Jin and Sang-A are arrested too… again.

Meanwhile, Yoon-Cheol takes Eun-Byeol down to the doctors who run an MRI on the girl. It turns out she’s absolutely fine. Her scans have come back okay and there’s no sign of early-stage dementia either. As we soon learn, it turns out Eun-Byeol never took the drugs and simply pretended that she did all this time.

Eun-byeol plays the pity party, telling Yoon-Cheol outside that she’s a bad person for not speaking up. After all, she could have resolved a lot of these issues if she had. Anyway, she eventually walks away from her Father.

Seo-Jin escapes from her binds and heads back to the office. When she does, Logan and Su-Ryeon both show themselves before her. She’s shocked that they’re together – especially when Yoon-Cheol bursts through the doors. And just to top it all off, Logan is taking over the board while Seo-Jin has been well and truly fired.

She’s also wanted from loan sharks too, given Dan-Tae took 50 million dollars and used her as a guarantor. So not only is Seo-Jin in trouble, she’s now going to live out her days in poverty and owing money to dangerous people. And to top it all off, the pills she’s been taking cause her to start losing her memory.

I’m guessing Seo-Jin has lost some braincells in the process, given she starts trying to find Eun-Byeol in the Hera Palace fountain. She then grabs Ro-Na, claiming she’s her daughter. And then more drama ensues.

Seo-Jin falls from the chandelier, which then impales her through the stomach. Ro-Na and Yoon-Cheol meanwhile, are in a bad way after falling down the stairs, both unconscious. Yoon-Cheol however, appears to have had his head impales too, if the camera angle is anything to go by. Oh my!

The Episode Review

Well, how about that for an ending? Is Seo-Jin going to survive this? If she does, she’s going to be in a rough way. However, there’s also the subject of this loan repayment too which is going to shift across to Eun-Byeol if her Mother dies.

This episode does see some retribution for our characters as Seo-Jin and Dan-Tae start to get their comeuppances. At the same time, we’ve seen this play out before in season 2 during the ending.

The difference here though is that it seems Yoon-Hee is well and truly dead (despite many times writing in these recaps I thought she was still alive!) and Seo-Jin looks to be following suit as well.

The final three episodes look set to wrap up this intoxicating series in suitably dramatic fashion, leaving things wide open for the future.

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