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Episode 10 of Penthouse Season 3 begins with Dan-Tae and Seo-Jin bickering. They’re both irate over their nights being ruined, and call off their loose alliance. Interestingly, the group responsible for getting back at Su-Ryeon and Dan-Tae includes Ma-Ri and Dong-Pil. The latter has incriminating evidence in the form of a photo showing Dan-Tae dressed up as an old man. For now though, they decide to keep that for later.

Su-Ryeon next heads up to see Ro-Na, breaking the harsh truth about who killed Yoon-Hee – and why. Ro-Na is distraught and blames herself, claiming it’s her fault that Yoon-Hee passed away.

Despite rumours of his death, Jun Ki is very much alive. In facy, he shows up at Seo-Jin’s apartment and confronts the woman, threatening to tell James everything about Logan and the incident with Yoon-Hee. He grabs a listening device from behind a picture in the living room, revealing that he’s actually been recording all of their conversations together. This audio incriminates her completely.

Seo-Jin drops on her knees and begs him to stop. Well, Jun Ki simply retorts that he wants 200 million dollars. If not, then the footage will be forwarded on to Logan’s family. Oh, and she has three days to do it.

Next up, Jun Ki visits Dan-Tae with the pictures of him disguised as an old man. He wants 200 million dollars to stay quiet – and spins the Seo-Jin situation to his benefit, claiming she’s willingly handing that money over to him. While Dan-Tae agrees to the terms – he also wants evidence of Seo-Jin locking up Logan.

Dong-Pil and Ma-Ri meanwhile, head off to see Ro-Na, admitting the truth about their involvement with Yoon-Hee. She’s understandably angry, and eventually it leads the shamed pair to decide to pack up their things and leave Hera Palace.

Before they do, the duo drop one more bombshell. Ma-Ri gathers all the women from the palace and spills the truth about Seo-Jin being responsible for Yoon-Hee’s death. Dong-Pil meanwhile, speaks to Kyu-Jin and reveals the evidence regarding Dan-Tae’s true identity.

The transfer goes ahead, and Jun Ki receives his 200 million and hands over the recorder. On the recorder though is evidence of Dan-Tae tryin to play her. Dan-Tae’s life comes crashing down though, especially when he learns someone has taken his money. It turns out it’s actually Kyu-Jin, who dons a big disguise and heads to the airport with his family.

The drama for Dan-Tae continues to pile up. Jin Boon-Hong shows up with the evidence against him for Yoon-Hee’s death. She wants 500 million dollars. On top of that, Ma-Ri’s rumours have managed to get the police’s attention too, who show up and ask about the murder. While there, Seo-Jin learns that there’s dashboard footage from that night. And then she finds out who has it – Jin Boon-Hong.

Boon-Hong approaches Seo-Jin next and promises to stay quiet… for 500 million dollars. All of this is a big ploy from Su-Ryeon to completely dry up the funds both Seo-Jin and Dan-Tae have. When Dan-Tae transfers the funds, Yoon-Cheol suddenly reveals himself in the car and injects Seo-Jin with something to make him sleep.

Seo-Jin meanwhile rustles up her funds, transferring that to Boon-Hong – along with an extra present in the form of more evidence against Dan-Tae. This is immediately sent on to the press and police, who reveal the truth about Dan-Tae’s transgressions. Seo-Jin is loving it, especially as the news paint him as a criminal and she seems to be let off scot-free.

Dong-Pil arrives to see Dan-Tae, deciding to turn himself in and reveal the truth. Dan-Tae doesn’t want to do this though and offers everything he has instead. Well, after handing over a burner phone he walks away…where he reveals he’s been recording the entire conversation. Before he goes, Dong-Pil visits Je-Ni and reveals that he’s going on a business trip to Dubai.

In reality, he’s handing himself in. He encourages Dan-Tae to head down to the dock, giving him the location of a ship bound for China. In reality, it’s all a big ploy with Su-Rueon and the gang.

After being knocked out with gas, Dan-Tae awakens to find himself in jail under his real name of Jun Ki. Seok-Kyung suddenly shows up too, looking smug and satisfied that her Father is finally arrested.

Back at Seo-Jin’s, Eun-Byeol decides to dish out a healthy cocktail of forget-everything, revealing that she’s been saving up all her pills for this special occasion. With all the pills crushed and placed in Seo-Jin’s glass of wine, Eun-Byeol watches her drink as the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

The tables have turned this week as Seo-Jin and Dan-Tae find their happy empire come crashing down. Seeing this loose alliance of different people teaming up to take out the duo is incredibly satisfying and while it doesn’t touch the season 2 ending with its court trial, there’s definitely a satisfaction with seeing justice served.

The clever way this episode has the pair square off against one another, t5urning their weaknesses against themselves, is really well done and in terms of plotting, this episode is the perfect length.

There’s certainly no filler this week, and the entire chapter encapsulates exactly why Penthouse is such an enjoyable show. Sure, it may be a little trashy and the plotting doesn’t always make sense, but boy is it incredibly addictive. When we get episodes like this, it makes the ride worth taking. With 4 episodes to go, is there another twist in the tale to come?

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