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Dan’s nightmare in the opening scene of The Old Man episode 6 foreshadows the ending of this chapter. A strange man in the shadows takes Emily from him. A younger Abby stands and watches.

On the airplane to Morocco, Dan gives a piece of advice to Zoe: to leave her name, and identity in a place where she can take them back later. She disagrees, saying that once you’re in, there’s no coming back. Cheryl calls Harold with bad news about him. The Bureau is brimming with rumors that Harold harbored a fugitive and abetted her escape. Morgan Bote is at his house and Cheryl hands the phone over to him. Bote is confronted by Harold about putting Emily in his ranks. Bote explains how it all came about.

His proposition to abandon Emily does not sit well with Harold, who demands that Bote drop the plan. Waters, Julian, and his partner Mark wait in Morocco for the mission Bote has given them.

In one of the most pivotal and insightful scenes about Dan, we see him explaining the two-edged sword of how his world works to Zoe. Empathy and ruthlessness – how they are used by people like him to manipulate information. Zoe and Dan plan on attending Pavolvich’s event to convince him about Hamzad. They take a boat to his island. Dan also tells her about how he communicates with Emily through the numbers in their joint bank account.

The current balance indicates that she is coming to his location. But Dan does not know about Harold. Emily and Harold have a chilling conversation about sacrifice and love when Harold questions Dan’s influence and adequacy as a father.

In a very brief flashback, we see Dan freeing Pavlovich to protect Abby. Hamzad doubts her wife’s motives and her role in it. That is probably what forced Dan and Abby to escape all those years back. Dan seats Zoe by the bar to conduct business with Pavlovich. Although he is a bit uncertain of whether or not the former Russian will remember him, it is not the case. Pavlovich recalls their very quick meeting. He tells the former CIA agent how of all the indebtedness he owes others, Dan’s remains the most significant.

Zoe is approached by Nina Kruger at the bar, indicating something “weird” is about to go down. Just then, we see Pavlochich’s tone change. He confirms that Hamzad has gotten to him first and will give him a favour if he delivers Dan.

Despite being outnumbered, Dan is able to escape, deciding not to kill Pavlovich a second time. Back at the airport, Emily and Harold spot a DGST agent. Emily reveals that she is the one who called him to escort Harold back home, in order to keep him safe. Harold reveals Bote’s proposed plan to Emily, who is at once ready to “sacrifice” her identity to protect Harold’s legacy. They have a final embrace, their chances of seeing each other again dwindling.

Just then, as Harold descends the steps, we see Julian ascending them. Harold spots Waters outside the airport and quickly realizes what is going down. Bote has actually put a target on Emily’s back. He did not want Harold’s acquiesce to go ahead with the plan. Bote said he had to “hurt both his sons” in the last episode. And that is how he does that.

Emily is gone when Harold rushes back upstairs to find her. At the dock in the city, Zoe and Dan are surrounded by Harold, who tells Dan that “the old man” has Emily. And they have to get her back.

The Episode Review

This slightly truncated episode did not prevent ‘The Old Man’ from taking another giant step to make it a triumphant victory. With each passing episode, there is an urge to call it one of the best spy-thrillers made in recent years.

It is almost frightening how the creators and writers waste absolutely no time like saving it would reward them in gold. Every element of storytelling is so uniquely different and inspiring in The Old Man that you’d imagine this was the genesis of filmmaking.

Episode six has thrown a conundrum for our leading men, “the fathers”, who will now come up against their own “father” to win their “child” back. It has sprung the series back into action, which was somewhat absent in the last episode.

Despite doing that, episode six still promised hauntingly cinematic scenes written with a golden streak that are at once revealing and overwhelming to watch. Alia Shawkat, Jeff Bridges, and John Lithgow have done a terrific job throughout, but their commemorative act in episode six is one worth remembering.

‘The Old Man’ continues to go strong and keeps reminding us that its conclusion will be a hard one to digest.

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9 thoughts on “The Old Man – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review”

  1. “The Old Man”has been my addiction. I love, love this series. Jeff Bridges, Lithow, Bote, Brennamen , and Emily are AMAZING as well as ALL the actors. I make it a Thursday night ritual and will feel such a void at the ending. The whole series speaks to my life and history.

  2. This show captures you up in the action…a very good show that should show for many seasons. JEFF BRIDGES plays his part well. It’s like watching a new bond. 10 gold star rating keep up the good work!

  3. Does anyone besides me wonder why Zoe is even a part of this adventure? Dan is an experienced agent involved in a life and death scenario. Why in the world would he be dragging around an amateur who can’t follow instructions and serves no purpose that I can tell?

  4. Hey Joe, seems like an interesting end. But vv unlikely to happen. I feel Dan is not coming back from this. Zoe is probably the only person who can convince e him to change his mind, or Emily if she makes it out alive.

  5. To me the show only comes alive in scenes with Bridges, Brenneman, Lithgow and Shawkat. The flashbacks are hard to follow and don’t seem authentic to me.

  6. Anyone else catch ending that the title reference old man is not necessarily Dan Chase but Bote

  7. I also love the show.
    My one problem is it depicts the CIA agents as witless; in real life situations there would way more back-up!
    Here’s my ending to Episode #7: Dan is defensless on the ground and Hamzod is ready to shoot Dan. The camera veers off Dan and Hamzad and you hear a gunshot or 2!
    Next season, you find out Pavlovich kills Hamzad and tells Dan “now, I owe you one”
    Whatta think?

  8. I really love the show, the old man. It has one of the best written show on TV, that I seen in a while.. the acting and story line has been superb. Can’t wait for the next episode.

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