The Most Beautiful Flower Ending Explained – Who does Mich choose in the end?

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Episode 10 of The Most Beautiful Flower begins with Fer giving some advice to Mich by *checks notes* likening her to a grasshopper?! Mich interjects and Fer eventually gets to the crux of the issue. Regardless of what she chooses to do with her life, Fer believes she should always do what she desires but not hurt anyone along the way. Of course, that’s easier said than done given she’s broken Majo’s heart after kissing Dani at the end of the last episode. So what will Mich choose to do?

Not only is she confused over whether to choose The Flower or starring as Alice in Alice in Xochiland, but she also has her three potential matches In Majo, Dani and Mati. Quite the change from struggling to fit in at school during episode 1!

Why is Mich suddenly popular?

Mich’s woes are made even worse when Brenda sets up a whole Insta post for her, calling out Mich as her cousin and making the whole school actually recognize her. She’s even invited to hang with the cool kids too, giving her a taste of the high life, exactly what she was hoping for at the start of the season. But it comes at a cost. Brenda wants her to quit being Alice for this carnival to continue.

Mich needs to get her head in the game but everywhere she turns – from Dani to Mati and even Majo – she can’t make up her mind over exactly what she wants and who she wants.

What does Brenda do to get payback on Mich?

The next day Mich makes her decision and decides to play as Alice, regardless of the consequences. In fact, she sits next to Brenda and smiles in a way that says “do you worst!”

“You’ll regret this.” Brenda says and walks away. Of course, Brenda immediately heads on social media and makes a big post about how she was hacked. Unfortunately, a message comes in showing Mati and Mich kissing. Brenda is understandably heartbroken and doesn’t show up for the big play, leaving Mich to be the main star and not the understudy.

Unfortunately, the play doesn’t go to plan. The crowd immediately begin whistling and booing her off stage, giving her huge stage fright. She heads off to the back, where Tania and Yadi show to comfort her. They also show the video too, which confirms they’re booing her because of her ties with Brenda and not the performance itself. After that little pep-talk, Mich gets back on stage, overcomes her fright and starts again.

How does The Most Beautiful Flower end?

Mich absolutely kills it this time and in doing so, turns the crowd who all start applauding her. Afterwards, Mich heads home but en-route, all three of her potential matches are there wanting to be with her. Mich passes them all without giving a reply, but things are made all the more complicated by Mich learning that Brenda is now going to stay with them. As a result, Mich decides to be The Flower… but there’s a problem. Brenda is going to step up and take her place, continuing the family legacy.

The Episode Review

The ending to The Most Beautiful Flower resolves…nothing. We don’t find out who Mich has chosen and the rivalry with Brenda is intensified, hinting toward a second season. However, we do see Mich grow into her role as a performer and overcome the naysayers too, which is a nice touch.

The season does an adequate job with the supporting players but although Tania had a bit of a subplot with her father, who finally embraces her feminism and art, it doesn’t really do a whole lot to really expand beyond that. And Yadi doesn’t really get much of an arc at all!

The fourth wall breaking returns in this chapter and personally, the series was crying out for more of it. The quirky bits of comedy could have been heightened with the addition of more nods to the audience.

Despite all of that though, the finale was certainly enjoyable but the lack of closure is a definite sticking point. Let’s hope this one is renewed!


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