The Mire – Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Review

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Episode 3 of The Mire Season 2 begins with Anna and Mika on the hunt for a new suspect by the name of Kamil Zacharczenko – better known as Raptor.

Anna chases him through the streets and eventually it falls to Mika who coerces him into the police car and takes him downtown for questioning. Given his history of groping kids and theft charges, the Chief allows the pair to question him.

Back at the paper, Drewicz’s disappearance sends Piotr on a mission to try and track him down. At the same time, Wanycz lurks about outside, determined to see Drewicz before learning that he’s missing.

During flashbacks to the war, we see more of Elsa and Witek’s romance. Specifically, a meeting out in the woods where she handed over a crumpled piece of paper with a sketch on.

Back at the police station, Anna and Mika question Raptor around his past. Specifically, they play the tapes where Raptor happens to be the raspy voice from the player, promising to whack everyone.

According to Raptor, Daniel used to visit him and give money for drink and drugs. The investigators aren’t convinced, believing he was sexually involved with Daniel.

Raptor is immediately taken aback by this, claiming that he wasn’t near the flood bank with Daniel on July 13th. The last time he saw the boy was actually the night before the bank broke. Apparently Daniel was on his way to see his Father.

Anna heads out to check on this lead while Mika stays behind to grill Raptor about his shaky alibi. Determined to wrap this case up, Mika coerces him into a confession with alcohol used as a bribe.

Anna meanwhile, heads up to the religious commune again to see Daniel’s Father but doesn’t get far with him. When she returns to the station and learns about Raptor’s confession, she’s not convinced this is the whole story.

Teresa eventually arrives to see Anna with crucial information regarding Raptor. Apparently he was loitering near the school on the last day Daniel was in class. Given Raptor has already confessed (see: coerced into a confession) Teresa and Anna’s investigation comes to a close for now. Instead, the pair end up kissing as conversation turns to the few months she spent staying in a hotel.

Wanycz continues to try and search for Drewicz, heading to the hotel bar for information. While he comes up short, the owner there does confirm that if Drewicz got involved in the clay business then it could well have ended badly for him.

Well, Drewicz is not dead as it turns out. He’s actually chained up in the basement. He’s being kept alive, with a bottle of water thrown over to him, along with a gold button.

The Episode Review

The Mire marks the halfway point of this series with a coerced confession and a deeper examination of what’s happening in town. There are many secrets being kept here and the most important, of course, is just what happened to Daniel.

Much like the first season, this is very much slow-burn territory and the show revels in its moody atmosphere and slow reveals. The flashbacks to the war do help give a sense of history too, while Anna continues to dance that line of investigating this case thoroughly to figure out what really happened to Daniel.

So far the series has left things wide open and quite what will happen in the second half of this show remains to be seen.

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