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the mire season 2

Broadcast Number 7

Episode 2 of The Mire Season 2 opens in similar fashion to the first chapter. An inmate escapes from the repatriation camp during the war, charging through the forest. This happens to be Witek, who races up too see Elsa in the forest.

She reveals that the Russians are closing in and he’ll be free from the camp soon. When that happens, she promises they’ll be together. Given her Father is a Nazi, it doesn’t look good for Elsa’s prospects though.

Back in the present, Anna clings to the hogweed theory, and specifically that someone blew up the bank on purpose. She heads up to Gronty Housing Estate and adopts the identity of a married couple with Mika, who’s less than enthused by this idea.

Their main play here is to get a lay of the land – and to get a closer look at Jacek. After a cagey meeting, Anna is brought in to see the chief. Anna relays her concerns about the embankment but the chief is having none of it. He tells her to drop it but Anna most certainly will not.

Teresa arrives at the station and hands over Daniel’s backpack, hoping this will help with the investigation. She claims she hasn’t looked inside but does admit that she found it inside his gym locker at school. She’s a counselor there now as it turns out, as the pair share some small talk surrounding horoscopes. The pair grow closer together too, flirting a little before Teresa takes her leave.

Inside the bag is a sketchbook, some random books and a tape labeled “Broadcast number 7.” This tape holds some clues though, as Anna listens to Daniel interviewing a mystery man with a raspy voice. Daniel calls him a dinosaur but this man specifically mentions “whacking everyone soon.”

Still reeling from the ghosts of the past, Piotr heads to the cemetery to pay his respects to Zbigniew and Helena. It’s a short-lived visit, but one that’s enough to give a nice nod back to season 1.

Anna meanwhile, visits Daniel’s Mother. She’s been separated from her husband for a while, who’s fully committed to his religious organization. He’s pretty cagey when the pair eventually interview him but he does mention about the devil working within the boy and how he was evil. One thing’s clear though – Daniel’s father certainty doesn’t seem to miss his son very much.

Unfortunately the chief is not happy with Anna’s antics. He reminds her that the case is closed and remains defiant that he’s going to bring the body back to Daniel’s family the following day. There’s not a lot that can be done, but this case is definitely suspicious. One thing’s for sure – the embankment break wasn’t an accident.

Anna strikes a deal with Piotr. In exchange for an anonymous tip in the paper, she promises to look into what happened to young Kielak. As the episode closes out, Drewicz’s questioning sees him bundled into a van and taken away.

The Episode Review

The Mire returns with another slow-burn episode, one that starts to deepen the mystery and show some pretty shifty and suspicious characters around town. The Chief is pretty suspect right now too, especially as he remains so adamant that the case is closed and that they should all drop it. Is he hiding something?

Meanwhile, the flashbacks to the war help to shed some light on how these characters are all linked together, and the ending certainly looks like the team are on the right lines here. It’s also no accident that these are tied together. I’m sure we’ll see more of this across the season though.

Daniel is certainly not the saintly kid he may seem to be and this episode only reinforces that. He clearly has more than a few enemies and his Father nonchalantly shrugging off his son’s death and claiming he was evil does seem more than a bit suspicious.

For now, this mystery is just starting to deepen and become a lot more interesting.

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