The Lincoln Lawyer – Season 2 Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Bury Your Past

Episode 10 of The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 begins with Mickey and Lisa separately getting ready for the last day of the case hearing. Mickey is worried and Lisa is lost in thought about the possibility of being found guilty. 

Lorna is nervous too and admits to Mickey that she was wrong about Lisa. She is worried Lisa might be found guilty. Mickey tries to act confident but asks for a pep talk. Lorna gives him one and they head to court, ready for the final battle. The press is also out waiting to see how the case will unfold. 

Cisco calls Mickey and informs him that Mr Kim’s car was found by the police abandoned in Marina Bay. By the looks of it, Grant got to him first and permanently shut him up. 

How Does Mickey’s Closing Argument Go?

Mickey gives a charming closing argument countering Andy’s story that Lisa is a temperamental woman who killed Bondurant out of her growing frustrations with him. He paints Lisa as a victim of a trap and questions the evidence against her. He shares his belief that everything was planned because Lisa is not dumb enough to leave evidence lying around. 

He gives a strong argument and points the jurors to Grant. He alludes to Grant having motive and the means. He asks why Grant plead the fifth. He reminds the juror it is their job to decide if the prosecutor proved beyond reasonable doubt that Lisa killed Bondurant. The case is closed and the jury heads to deliberation. 

After his closing statement, Mickey tries to keep Lisa’s spirit up. Lisa though is worried about her future and the jury doesn’t take long to reach a verdict. 

What is the Jury’s Ruling & what happens next?

Lisa is found not guilty. Lorna and the team start their celebration in the office. The media keeps calling to get Mickey’s statement but they choose to ignore them for a while. 

Lisa calls Mickey to invite him over to her restaurant to celebrate but he turns her down. She later shows up at his house to deliver food. He asks her to fire him before they sleep together. 

It seems good news keeps coming as Mickey’s mom gets the part and leaves for Canada. 

How does Andy take her defeat? 

Andy gracefully accepts defeat and gives Mickey a gift. She admits she was wrong about Lisa and police found evidence that Mr Kim killed Bondurant. However, Mr Kim is assumed dead and the FBI are looking into Grant. She argues that she will let the FBI handle the case and focus on her next case. 

While this is going on, Henry finally gets his podcast about Lisa and sends Mickey a cheque. He also invites him to the podcast. 

What was Lisa hiding?

Mickey decides to spend some time with Hayley. They hang out around Venice Beach and that is when Mickey puts two and two together. He hears the background noises and remembers his first call with Jeff when he claimed to be in Mexico. He asks Cisco to look into it and finds out Jeff filed for a divorce but never followed through.

Mickey figures out what Lisa was hiding. It turns out Lisa hired an old worker to pretend to be Jeff. He confronts her about her lies and she subtly admits to killing the real Jeff and burying him in his garden. This was why she refused to sell her restaurant to Bondurant, she was scared the body will be discovered. 

She killed Jeff because he wanted to divorce and take half of everything including the restaurant. She didn’t want him to take half of all her hard work and success.

Lorna calls Griggs and reports Lisa for killing her husband. Mickey is heartbroken but there is nothing he can do. Lorna also suspects that Lisa was the one behind Mickey’s attack but has no evidence to prove it. She decides to keep her suspicion from Mickey 

Do Cisco & Lorna get married?

Initially, Cisco and Lorna go through some challenges while planning their wedding. They lose their wedding venue due to double booking. They decide to get married at the Attorney General’s office. Izzy steps up and offers Cisco her studio to hold the reception and surprise Lorna. They end up having a beautiful wedding, celebrating with the people they love. 

How does Lincoln Lawyer season 2 end?

With Lorna on her honeymoon, Izzy takes up more hours at the office. She needs the money to renovate the studio. She calls Mickey after his dinner with Siegal and informs him he has a new client. The new client is named Julian Lacosse and he is being held at West Hollywood Sherriff Station. Julian has been charged with murder. 

Initially, Mickey thought of dealing with the case the next day but changes his mind. Mickey is still a bit raffled after nearly being hit by a car when he left the restaurant. He suspects the car belongs to Grant. However, he decides not to tell Izzy and stress her. 

He drives to meet Julian who claims Mickey was recommended by his friend Giselle Dallinger. Julian is being charged with the death of Giselle who Mickey is sure he has never met. Julian begs him to take his case, claiming he is innocent. 

The next day, Mickey visits the coroner to identify Giselle’s body as he is listed as her lawyer. Mickey is surprised to see Glory Days lying dead on the coroner’s table.  He thought she was in Hawaii with her mom. 

The Episode Review

Ahh, they got to Glory Days! Why was she back in L.A.? She was supposed to be laying low in Hawaii. Most importantly, why was she killed and how does Julian tie into all of this?

Once again, Lincoln Lawyer delivered an explosive finale. Who would have thought Lisa killed her husband? It turns out she was being tried for the wrong murder. Mickey’s clients sure are something. It started with Elliot, now Lisa, who will be next? This makes us wonder how Julian’s trial will turn out. 

There is also the unsolved issue of Grant, the son of an Armenian Mafia that Mickey crossed. Things are about to heat up and we are looking forward to it. To handle Grant, Mickey might need Griggs’ help given that he is on bad terms with the FBI. Either way, season 3 will hopefully answer all these questions and serve up more drama. 

Let us know what you thought of season 2 and your favourite moments. We always look forward to your comments.

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