The Lincoln Lawyer – Season 2 Episode 5 “Suspicious Minds” Recap & Review

Suspicious Minds

Episode 5 of The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 begins with Mickey having some flan at Lisa’s place. He starts having some steamy daydreams about getting with her but comes back to reality. He is there to tell her that Andy pulled the plea deal before the deadline was up. He fears that Andy found some new damning evidence against her and asks Lisa about her ex-husband.

Lisa asks him to leave it alone saying Jeff, her ex-husband would probably not want to be involved in the case. Mickey insists that Jeff can help and Lisa lashes out at him to stop. She then apologizes and says that she is under a lot of stress. She volunteers to reach out to one of Jeff’s old co-workers who might know where he is. Mickey is happy to hear this and leaves.

At the office, Cisco gets a call from Kaz’s probation officer who is unable to find him. Cisco promises to pass the message to Kaz when he sees him. Lorna overhears the conversation and is worried about Cisco lying to the probation officer. He promises to end everything the next day.

Mickey arrives and Lorna asks him to sign some forms and reminds him that he has cases piling up. Mickey asks about Alex Grant and if Cisco has been able to locate him but they can’t find him. Lorna argues that Andy found out that Grant is MIA and is taking advantage of it.

Mickey doesn’t think so and wants to get the judge to question the merits of the case. He thinks that if Andy loses the preliminary hearing, she will feel dejected and be forced to review the evidence she has.

The only way for Mickey to set his plan rolling is by going after the credibility of Margo Schafer who placed Lisa at the crime scene. Margo is not on the witness list which means Andy is saving her up for later. Mickey notices that Detective O’Brien is not on the list as well. He plans to get Andy to call Margo to the stand since the detective is on medical leave. Other than Detective O’Brien, Margo is the only one who can give testimony.

Mickey decides to go shopping and clear his head. He gets a new suit and Izzy informs him that Henry released a teaser for his podcast on Bondurant’s murder and ongoing case. Mickey goes to see Lisa and reminds her that they agreed to no new interviews.

Lisa explains that Henry used pieces from old interviews and promised to give her a cut of the promotion money. She is trying to make money and pay Mickey. She thinks a lawyer who is not getting paid is not 100% invested in her best defence.

Mickey is shocked and assures her that he is invested and he simply doesn’t trust Henry.  Mickey tells her she messed up and she promises to talk to Henry. She tells him that she got an email address for Jeff and gave him Mickey’s number. She is hopeful that Jeff will call Mickey.

On the way back, Izzy updates Mickey on how the studio plan is going. She is financially ready but Ray is having some problems. If they fail to pay the deposit by next week, they lose the location. Mickey feels for Izzy and is not trying to judge her. The conversation turns to the podcast and Izzy wonders if it is such a bad idea to put it out. She thinks that they can get people to have some empathy for Lisa.

The next day, Cisco tries to find Alex and pretends to be a California Fishing and Wildfire inspector. He visits one of the sites that Alex is responsible for and demands to see him.

The worker tells him where to find Grant but Cisco is distracted after getting a call from Kaz. He orders Kaz to lay low until the day is over. It seems the gun shipment is going down later that night. After the call, Cisco texts Mickey to inform him that he is still working on finding Grant.

Meanwhile, Mickey is in court and the preliminary hearing for Lisa’s case is ongoing. Henry shows up at court during recess to confront Mickey for filing an injunction against his podcast. Mickey insists that Henry is making money off Lisa’s tragedy while handing their case over to the prosecutor.

Henry insists that nothing incriminating was mentioned and tries to reason with Mickey. He asks him to vet the podcast before it goes live but Mickey turns him down. Lisa is not pleased with how he is handling Henry. He had promised to let her handle the matter and now she feels like he doesn’t trust her.

Later in the day, Mickey gets a call from Jeff who refuses to help. He says he doesn’t want to be involved in Lisa’s drama and offers no information on the missing hammer.

Night rolls by and the ATF raid Teddy’s bar but find nothing but dolls allegedly for their annual toy drive. It seems like Cisco offered to help Teddy transfer the gun in return for his freedom and Kaz’s. He assures Teddy that he will never hear from Kaz again. Teddy understands and thinks it is a fair deal so he allows Cisco to leave and considers the debt settled.

The following morning, Lorna goes fishing on the L.A. roads to prove that Margo couldn’t have possibly seen Lisa clearly from the morning Bondurant was killed. Mickey’s plan to get Margo to testify works. He uses photos Lorna got from the road lane Margo claimed to be at when she saw Lisa leave the building. After destroying Margo’s credibility as a witness, Mickey feels confident.

Andy asks for a short recess to regroup and Lisa tells Mickey that she was in front of the building like Margo witnessed. Mickey wonders why she waited until now to tell him. Lisa explains that she only parked her car and went to the grocery market nearby. She promises that she has told him everything and Mickey promises to handle it.

During the recess, Cisco informs Mickey that he was unable to find Grant, it looks like someone tipped him. Grant is rich and can afford to go undercover for months.  This is a big blow to the case. Cisco also tells him that he can start billing the Old Saints again. He assures Mickey that the debt is paid and thanks him for trying to help. Cisco refuses to tell him more about what went down, you know plausible deniability and whatnot.

After recess, the hearing resumes and Andy calls a new witness that was not on the list to the stand. The judge allows her to present Miss Gates, a forensic analyst at the County Crime Lab. Miss Gated drops a bomb on the defence case when she reveals that they found a pair of bloody gardening gloves from Lisa’s shed.

Mickey tries to argue but the judge asks him to stop crying wolf just because his plans to force Andy to show her hand went awry. They get back to the testimony of Miss Gates and she reports that the blood found on the gloves belonged to Bondurant.

Mickey refuses to cross-examine and the judge pushes the case forward to the next step. They leave the court and Lisa tries to explain she has no idea how the blood got to her gloves. Lisa asks him to believe her and she feels that Mickey doesn’t believe her.  Mickey insists his belief doesn’t matter and he just has to win the case. Lisa is hurt by his words and angrily walks away from him.

Later that night, Lorna and Cisco visit Kaz in his hiding spot and Lorna sends him away after sharing her piece of mind. She asks Kaz to leave and never come back or reach out to Cisco again. She hands him a passport and Kaz warns her not to take Cisco’s last name.

It seems like Cisco sent a text to Kaz before Lorna showed up but we don’t know exactly what it means since it was an emoji of a thumbs up. We can only assume he meant to say everything has been settled. Cisco and Lorna happily head home while talking about their upcoming nuptials.

On the other hand, Mickey is working on the case till late at night when he sees a news report that Henry is releasing a limited series based on Brodunants murder. He immediately starts looking for the contract for Lisa’s life rights. He calls Lorna to ask where she kept the documents but she tells him that he never gave her such a document.

He goes off on Lorna and starts accusing her of letting the office go because she is overwhelmed with her wedding and school. Lorna loses her patience and tells him off. Mickey figures that the document must still be in his car so he heads to the parking lot to retrieve them. He finds the file empty but before he can figure out what to do, some men show up and start beating the lights out of him. Episode 5 ends with him knocked out cold.

The Episode Review

This was predictable but we still enjoyed watching it. We knew that Mickey will run into trouble and our bet is on the Armenian Crime syndicate. Cisco must have ruffled some feathers in his search for Grant. This must be a warning to back off.

We also have some questions we would like answered. First, why is Jeff so persistent in not helping Lisa? Where is he and did Mickey really talk to Jeff or someone impersonating him? Secondly, we can’t help but wonder if Teddy is truly letting bygones be bygones. He doesn’t come off as a forgiving man so we will have to wait and see.

Part 2 of The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 drops on August 3rd and we will be sure to follow up and get to the bottom of everything. What are your thoughts on season 2 so far? Please let us know in the comments.

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  1. Hi Suri. Thank you for reading the recaps. I will be updating part 2 once it drops on August 3rd.

  2. Series very slick so far, not being su fait with USA laws and the ways of court leaves me a bit mystified sometimes….it certainly did in episode 5 part 1 but this synopsis has helped….looking forward to the next episode….it’s quite a wait I hope the recap is significant!

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