The Last Thing He Told Me – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap, Review & Ending Explained


Why does Hannah want to meet Nicholas Bell?

Episode 7 of The Last Thing He Told Me starts with Hannah going to Charlie and demanding to see Nicholas. He is hesitant to let that happen but Hannah does not give up until she convinces him.

Bailey has been picked up by Grady from Reyes’ house, but neither he nor anyone else in the Marshall’s office knows Hannah has slipped out.

Charlie takes her to a lake house that the family brought after Nicholas went to prison. It is also revealed here that Meredith, Charlie and Kate’s mother died on the same day Nicholas was released.

Nicholas greets Hannah and gets her patted down to make sure she isn’t carrying weapons or wearing a wire. He asks to speak alone to Hannah – yes, he knows her identity and where she lives in Sausalito – and he agrees. Charlie is unsure about it but Hannah seems confident enough that she will be able to convince Nicholas for the reason she is there – to strike a deal.

What was the relationship like between Nicholas and Owen?

Grady has meanwhile located the whereabouts of Hannah. As the other Marshalls spring into action, Bailey is called by Owen. It is clear that Nicholas misses spending time with Bailey (a.k.a Kristin) but is in no mood to forgive Owen. They had a very loving relationship but Owen spoiled everything because he believed Nicholas or his associates got Kate killed.

He is defiantly clear that they know better than to touch Kate. Nicholas makes it clear that he can never forgive Owen for what he did and will never be able to make sure that he is safe.

He stripped away Kirstin from his entire family without even thinking about what it would do to them and her. He does not respect Owen for making the decision to run away with Kristin, even though Hannah asserts it is because she would have been safer that way. Owen felt that if Kate could get killed, what is stopping her killer from going after Kristin?

What deal does Hannah make with Nicholas?

When Nicholas makes it clear that he will not be able to ensure Owen’s safety – willingly or otherwise – Hannah presents the terms of her “deal.” Hannah thinks Nicholas has enough sway over his clients and the organization to convince them to drop Owen’s pursuit as Nicholas went to jail for them for six and a half years…. but he rejects that notion.

Hannah offers access to Bailey in return for ensuring her safety. She beseeches the grandparent in Nicholas to act out of compassion for her and not think about taking revenge on Owen.

Nicholas seems touched and is happy with the idea. Hannah understands Owen moved away from this for that very reason. If he were still there, it could bring harm to Hannah and Bailey. A SWAT team shows up with Grady and the other Marshalls. Hannah is able to agree on the deal with Nicholas and walks away.

Why does Grady dissuade Hannah from taking the deal?

Grady passionately tries to dissuade Hannah from accepting this deal with Nicholas. He believes neither he nor his organization will ever stop looking for Owen. They might not touch Bailey but they will harm Hannah to get to Owen if they know where she lives.

She should take the authorities’ offer of a safehouse instead of accepting Nicholas’ deal. Hannah says it is already done and she is not changing her mind.

What did Own say to Bailey on the phone?

They reach the Marshall’s office and Bailey hugs Hannah. She is relieved to see that she is alright. Grady offers Bailey the option to go with the Marshalls and be in protective custody. Bailey even has the option of going anywhere she likes. But she chooses to go home – in Sausalito – and with Hannah. She reveals Owen called her for exactly 22 seconds, where he said he was sorry, that he won’t be back for a long time, and that Bailey listen to whatever Hannah says.

Why does Owen come back to see Hannah?

Hannah explains to Bailey that her family in Austin will be visiting Sausalito in a few months. Bailey isn’t too eager yet and wants to take her time. Hannah lets go of the loving memories she had of Owen and the promises they made of each other in an emotional moment.

We jump five years into the future. Hannah has an exhibition of her craft. Bailey is bringing her boyfriend to introduce him to Hannah. All of a sudden, Hannah notices a man with a ring that Owen made for Hannah and himself using her machinery. It is Owen himself with a long beard and hair.

Owen whispers into Hannah’s ears, ‘The could-have-been boys still love you,’ and vanishes. Bailey shows up with her boyfriend and Hannah embraces them. This line was Owen’s way of saying to Hannah that she should move on with her life.

It refers to an earlier line said in the show. In a previous conversation with Hannah during their time together, he asked her about the guys she previously dated. Since she had made up her mind that she was going to marry him, she referred to them as ‘he could have been boys.’ It does not make much sense and integrates into the overall disappointing finale dynamics.

The Episode Review

This might be the worst television show finale that Apple TV+ has ever made. The Last Thing He Told Me ends on a thoroughly disappointing note, after having shown some promise in the last two episodes. This was a poor and ambiguous way of ending things. It shows unpreparedness and lack of clarity about story direction from the creators.

Were they really this clueless from the start? The ending is so bad that it does not even deserve to be rated. Episode 7 is the least likeable in the series; we have no closure or clear answers about almost everything and the whole effort just seems pointless.

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