The Kingdoms of Ruin – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

And So, Our Story Begins

The Kingdoms of Ruin Episode 1 begins with a flashback of witches being hanged by humans. Adonis and Chloe make a journey through the desert in search of a place to live due to human intolerance. Adonis shows off the phone-like device he made and accesses the map through it. As they are traveling, a group of men on military hoverbikes approaches them, and Chloe pulls out her weapon and strikes.

A man reports to his majesty that his troops don’t stand a chance against the high-level witch who uses ice powers.

After defeating the soldiers, Adonis expresses his anger as she didn’t allow him to use the spells that he had learned. Just then, the frozen machine relays the location details to the satellite. A green light shines and they get transferred over a long distance.

His Majesty gives a speech to the people and stirs the people against the witches. He sings the praises of modern technology, claiming to not need the witch’s magic anymore. He announces that the witches will be eradicated.

Adonis and Chloe are teleported before the crowd. Adonis becomes enraged and makes an attempt to attack His Majesty, but the guards stop him and hold him down. Chloe activates her magic powers and demands they release Adonis. Unfortunately, she loses her magic, and His Majesty reveals that they can use machines to deactivate her magic.

His Majesty approaches her, tears her dress, and slaps her. The crowd cheers and tries to take pictures. His Majesty commands the guards to shoot the boy, but Chloe begs for her life to be taken instead. His Majesty holds a gun at her head, and Adonis desperately tries to use his spells. His Majesty shoots her, and the guards open rapid fire, shredding her body to bits. They behead her and lift her head into the crowd.

10 years later, Anna and Doroka bond inside prison wearing shackles. Anna questions their fate, but Doroka tries to cheer her up. Just then a man arrives, calling for 218. Anna doesn’t stand up, fearing her fate. Doroka swaps numbers with her and gets taken instead.

She is taken to a shady place and made to strip and talks about the favors they have done for the downtrodden. She bites off his finger and steals his phone before making a run for it. She imitates the facility manager’s voice and commands the voice assistant to set the prisoners to unlock the cells. She manages to unlock Adonis’ chamber at the end of The Kingdoms of Ruin Episode 1.

The Episode Review

The Kingdoms of Ruin Episode 1 begins the season with momentum and manages to leave an imprint on viewers’ minds. The first chapter has a dark aura and successfully invokes vengeance in the minds of viewers. The season begins with humans trying to gain supremacy by killing all the witches, as opposed to God’s plan of harmony.

The anime delivers a villain-creation story with the brutal killing of the witch who had adopted and mothered Adonis, although he isn’t literally the villain. The episode then takes us 10 years in the future where Doroka attempts to flee the clutches of a tyrannical facility manages and uses his device to unlock all the cells of the facility, including Adonis’ chamber.


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