The Kardashians (Hulu) – Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Review

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Episode 2 of The Kardashians Season 2 takes the show back in time before the events of the previous episode. Khloe reveals that she chose not to talk about the cheating scandal and her new surrogate baby throughout the entire season and was dealing with it personally.

The episode then moves to the day where Kylie is in labour and shows the frantic process of Kris going to the hospital to witness the birth of her 11th grandchild. Kylie is much more comfortable with the filming of her second delivery and she shares how more present she is this time around.

All the sisters share their happiness for Kylie whereas Kendall shares that this is actually a moment where she is thinking about ‘birth control’ due to the sheer number of babies around her. The episode then moves to Kourtney who is looking at wedding dresses via pictures. She is trying to select designers and her assistants hope Kourtney is not stressed.

The Pooch mogul claims that she is not stressed at all because the wedding will only have her, Travis and their children. Khloe is at Kim’s house and the older of the two sisters tells Khloe that she is losing a lot of weight. Kim mentions that both Kendall and Kylie were worried for her.

Khloe takes this as a compliment stating that if it was coming from the model herself, she believed it. She mentions that going through what she has is life-altering for her and claims that it will take her some time to unlearn the feelings she had grown so used to with Tristan over the years.

The youngest Kardashian sister tells Kim that after all that has been happening to her, there is no give left and that she does not pay a lot of attention to people’s opinions anymore. She mentions that Tristan proposed to Khloe and that she had rejected him long before the second cheating scandal came out.

Middle-Sister Kim states that Khloe is the best person she knows and it hurts Kim to see her hurting. Kim is ready to take over Milan for the fashion week and she talks to Kendall wondering if the model made it to the Prada show. Later that day, Khloe visits Kendall where the model sister advocates a brain scan for the older of the two.

Kendall manages to convince  Khloe to get one on her own brain so they can learn what genetic illnesses the family will be passing down to their children. Kylie makes a visit to Kris’ house for the first time since she delivered her son. Kris mentions that Rob Kardashian’s (her son’s) ex-girlfriend Blac Chin has sued Khloe, Kylie, Kim, and Kris for defamation.

The mother of six mentions that it is extremely emotionally draining for her to go through this with her children involved and does not mention much about it. Kylie talks about how she no longer stresses her post-delivery body and how she feels the energy of being a mother for the second time.

Kris asks Kylie what she is doing about the name of her new baby and the new mother states that she and Travis have come up with a new name. Kylie explains how when she gave birth, they were forced to name their child Wolf in order for him to receive a social security number.

In hindsight, the makeup mogul claims that she rushed into it and now would like to legally change the name of the new baby in the days to come. Kris shares how she named her six kids and jokes that it is hard to keep up with them when she forgets the name of her own son.

Kendall and Khloe take a quiz for Khloe’s brain scan and the older of the two sisters gets irritated after she is not able to answer the questions fast. Kendall shares that Khloe keeps things on the back-burner so she does not have to process her issues and the Khloe states that the test is not accurate.

Kourtney and Travis are enjoying some one-on-one couple time as Kris and Corey arrive at their house for dinner. The younger of the two couples take their own time making out as the mother and her boyfriend wait for them. Once at dinner, Kourtney talks about her new process of getting pregnant and how they are back to trying IVF now for one last time.

She mentions that she is now hopeful for a baby with Travis. The next day, Khloe and Kendall are getting Khloe’s brain scan. The doctor tells Kendall that Khloe needs some help according to her scan. Once out of her scan, Khloe tells the doctor that she had been in an accident that knocked her out at the age of 16.

She states that she went head-first through a car windshield and also hit her head a couple of times after. Kendall leaves Khloe alone and the older sister discusses her traumatic issues with her father’s death, her marriage with Lamar Odom and then her relationship with Tristan.

Khloe tells her doctor that she was only able to go through this due to her relationship with her family. Kim is excited about Kendall being confirmed to walk the Prada show. Meanwhile, Kendall has ginger hair and she tells Kim she will be getting a spray tan. Kim warns Kendall about getting tan marks on the cashmere seats of her private jet and Kendall promises she will be careful about it.

The next day, Kim and Kendall are leaving for Milan. Kendall mentions how careful she had been about concealing her orange hair for the event so that the paparazzi don’t snap her before the show. Once in Italy, Kim and Kendall drive to their respective hotels. Kim asks Kendall if it is okay for her to cheer for the model and Kendall draws the line by asking her to chill.

Kendall states that she wants Kim to cheer on the inside but not make her uncomfortable during the show. Kim is at the Armani Hotel in Milan. She claims that her life right now is good and that her new love life is flourishing whereas she has so many new projects in her business life. 

The Episode Review

This episode honestly felt like a filler episode. Fans who know the family and watch them on social media know that Kylie gave birth to her son, they also know the issue with her son’s name and how she and Travis are still not able to come up with a name for the baby. Fans have seen Kourtney and Travis Barker make out a dozen times so that’s not new either.

Their wedding preparations are not readily revealed in the show. Kim and Kendall taking over Milan is also seemingly old news. Khloe’s issues are also well explored throughout the past seasons whereas Kris talking about Blac Chyna suing the family is also an issue of public knowledge.

The episode does little to give fans a new perspective of well-known facts and seems like a re-telling of everything readily available on the internet.

If Kylie would have chosen to actually reveal the new name of her baby (which is yet to be revealed on the Internet as well) there would have been something new that would come out of this episode. Hopefully, there will be more in the future episodes and I personally am looking forward to Pete Davidson making an appearance on the show soon.

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