The Kardashians (Hulu) – Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Life Can Change On A Dime

Episode 3 of Season 2 of The Kardashians takes off in Italy, Milan where Kim is in the room getting her Prada outfits ready for the show later that day. She meets various designers who are helping her with her outfits. Since Kim has a body type different from many models, the designers are bringing out men’s outfits as well as archived pieces to help her come up with a look.

Kim shares how she is so excited about the experience despite being jet lagged. Kris, Khloe and Corey are on a trip to Palm Springs where they are headed to buy ‘gummies’ (cannabis pain relief candies) for Kris’ hip pain. The mother of six goes wild shopping for the gummies as she buys candies worth $800.

Kris states that this is all legal in the state of California and that she needs to be over 21 years for an individual to purchase the candy. Khloe tries a sleep candy whereas Kris is interested in something called medicated lube. In Italy, Kim and her team are having an unrestricted dinner full of different kinds of pasta.

Kim explains that she is a flexitarian which means that she is a vegan sometimes and not one other time. Kim discusses her reactions to Pete Davidson being invited to go to outer space with the mogul, Jeff Bezos. The mother of four explains that she would have gone with Pete if she was not a mother but the idea of going to space and potentially never coming back scares her.

After dinner, Kim calls Kendall and asks what she wants for dinner. Kim shows up at Kendall’s hotel room with a to-go dinner of pasta and complimentary ice cream. The older of the two sisters claim that Kendall has always been like a little baby to Kim. Both sisters discuss outfits before Kim leaves Kendall alone to rest.

Back in Beverly Hills, Kris tries her candy for the first time, Khloe shares one of the gummy bears with her. Kris is apprehensive about carrying the cannabis-infused candies in her purse and Khloe offers to carry them for her mother instead. Kris brings up Tristan and Khloe mentions how she has learnt with practice to be at peace with her partners.

Khloe says that she had learnt to let go of things and live on. Kourtney is getting ready for a photo shoot where the soon-to-be bride shares how her ongoing medical and IVF treatments have taken a toll on her body. She states that she is getting used to the changes in her body.

Kourtney explains that having a partner like Travis who is so appreciative of her has helped her love herself and all the changes in her body more. She talks about a time in the past when she was very skinny and shares how that used to be a time when she was in toxic relationships that made her conscious about her body and weight.

The photoshoot ends with a bang as Kourtney mentions how she loves being curvier now. In Palm Springs, Khloe tags along with Kris and Corey for a dinner. Kris suddenly starts laughing mid-conversation with Khloe and they joke that the gummies have kicked in. Kris can’t hold her laughter and can’t hold her tears during the dinner.

Watching Kris lose her mind, Khloe also starts laughing uncontrollably. In Italy, Kim is going out shopping when her ex-husband, Kanye West texts her with suggestions about her outfit. Kim explains that they are both at a good co-parenting place in their relationship and shares that he will always be family to her.

As Kim walks down the streets in Milan, she gets swamped by the paps. She shops for gifts for her children and her boyfriend, Pete. Kim picks a cap for him when her assistant tells her that Kim’s episode at the SNL is being considered to be picked for an Emmy Award. Kim talks about going to the show with Pete and is dizzy at the thought.

The next morning, Khloe, Kris and Corey are having breakfast before leaving Palm Springs. They discuss how the gummy did not hit Khloe at all. Kris shares that the candy helped with her pain but it was only temporary. She states that it is now time for her to go see a doctor for her bad hip. Back in Beverly Hills, Kylie is at a photoshoot for her new lip oil collection.

Kylie mentions how this is her first time at a photoshoot ever since she had a baby. She mentions how she has had a fun time with Stormi and the new baby and how she is inspired by Kris and loves working despite having more than one baby. Kim heads out to attend Kendall’s first walk for Prada and the older sister FaceTime’s the younger of the two wishing her all the best for her show.

Kendall shares how she always wanted to do this and shares her excitement for the show. The episode features Kendall walking down the ramp with Kim in the audience. Kendall shares how the models are instructed to portray certain personas for their walk and how she embodied a strong confident girl during her walk.

After the show, Kim shares how she is ready to go back home because she misses her kids. Kris is at home working out and she mentions to her trainer how her hip joint pains the most at night when she is in bed. She realises that she would soon have to get surgery and gets emotional due to the number of responsibilities she has on her.

Kris shares her fears and starts crying. She tells the producers that she can’t share her fears with her kids because they all have their own battles.

The Episode Review

This episode had fans see Khloe finally letting loose with her trip to Palm Springs. Not only that but Kris has also come to realise that she needs to stop putting out her surgery. Seeing Kris break down in fear of going into surgery and causing any sort of chaos for her children in their busy lives is a little reassuring and I hope the girls appreciate their mother a bit more when she eventually gets her surgery done.

In the next episode, we will finally get to hear the infamous Variety interview with Kris and the sisters where Kim made her derogatory comment towards women in business. I think the episode will cause a lot more drama online as Kim still seems unapologetic. The Kravis wedding is soon going to take place and all fans of the show are actually looking forward to seeing Kourtney as a bride for the first time in years!

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