The Heavenly Idol – K-drama Episode 5 Recap & Review

 A Second Deal

Episode 5 of The Heavenly Idol starts with Jung-shin launching an attack on Pontifex and Kim Dal. Pontifex uses his power to subdue him and remove the black magic in his system. Jung-shin passes out and Kim Dal grabs Pontifex as they flee the scene. At this point, Pontifex is weak as he doesn’t have enough energy.

Kim Dal slumps to the floor, shaken by what she has just witnessed. Pontifex doesn’t understand why she is so shocked, he has always told her that he is Pontifex ​​Lembrary. They head back to the stage but find the shooting has been postponed because Jung-shin disappeared after he tempered with the equipment. He was hoping the equipment would fall on Yeon-woo killing him instantly.

Kim Dal drags Pontifex away and locks the room so they can talk privately. She realizes Yeon-woo was not sick as she had initially thought. It dawns on her that Pontifex has been telling the truth and that means Yeon-woo switched bodies. She figures she will have to help Pontifex win the Artist of the Year Award to get the real Yeon-woo back.

She starts getting worried as winning such an award is no easy feat. She encourages herself and decides to focus on the things she can control. She asks Pontifex not to reveal his real identity to other people. However, this advice comes too late as a video of Yeon-woo healing a staff member in the Sing Survival show is already going viral.  They get to LL Entertainment and Sun-ja introduces them to the latest hire, Sa Gam-jae . He will be their new road manager and has already updated Sun-ja on the fight that happened between Jung-shin and Cash.

Kim Dal assures Sun-ja it was no big deal. Sun-ja thought the reporters were blowing up her phone because of the fight so she didn’t pick up. She is delighted to hear they were calling because news is spreading fast that Yeon-woo is a healer.

According to multiple people, they were healed after listening to Yeo-woo sing live or coming in close contact with him. While Sun-ja is over the moon with these new viral reports, Kim Dal worries that Pontifex’s identity will be discovered. Sun-ja decides it might be a good idea to broadcast a show where Yeon-woo visits a hospital and interact with patients.

Kim Dal, on the other hand, convinces herself that most people don’t truly believe the healing hype around Yeon-woo. Nevertheless, she takes precautions and asks Pontifex to learn Yeon-woo’s mannerisms as an idol. Pontifex finds it hard to do aegyo but Kim Dal gets angry so he decides to give it a try. Kim Dal insists that he can’t be Pontifex anymore, he has to be and act like Yeon-woo.

As doing aegyo is hard, Pontifex opts to find another way to return to the Other World. He believes if he gets close to Maeng Woo-sin, he will take him to Hongwoodaedae. He learns Maeng Woo-sin will appear in a new drama called Dear Deity. As he contemplates his next plans, Gam-jae approaches and asks him to be more careful. He reminds Yeon-woo that he is in the public eye and can’t afford to mess up.

Pontifex tells him that he is capable of managing himself and he doesn’t trust him. He also ask Gam-jae about the hospital Jung-shin was rushed to.

At the hospital, the Evil One visits Jung-shin and manipulates him again. He tells Jung-shin that he has always been evil, he just brought out the monster that was hidden deep inside him. He uses his power to get Jung-shin to do his evil bidding and help kill Yeon-woo.

Pontifex visits the hospital to check on Jung-shin but is held at knifepoint by one of the Evil One’s henchmen. He tries to get free and see the Evil One’s new face but he is unable to. The Evil One threatens to kill those close to him if he turns to see his face.

Pontifex asks him why he is hiding like a coward and not facing him head-on. The Evil One responds that he wants to torture him by hurting the people around him before killing him. He tells him that in this world, he has many people who are evil and his followers. He wants Pontifex to feel the fear of knowing death is coming.

The next morning, the group plan to go to Sun-ja’s home and shoot content acting like it is their dorm house. They can’t use their dorm house since it is messy, tiny and contrary to what the fans expect. They also have to leave Cash behind because they can’t risk having him in the Live chat and fans asking about his romance scandal. Cash gets angry with what Tae-in says to him and sulks.

The rest of the team heads to Sun-ja’s house and starts shooting their Live. Pontifex is unable to imitate Yeon-woo’s mannerisms but his team members manage the situation well. The fans ask about Yeon-woo’s healing ability and thank him. Yeon-woo goes against Kim Dal’s orders and admits he can heal people because he believes in a deity of love and mercy. He encourages the fans to try being kind to the sick and help them get better too.

After the Live, Kim Dal gets mad at Pontifex because he messed up and now fans think he should become a priest. They are already editing his images to make him look like a priest.  Yeon-woo is happy to hear this. He also shares his plan with Kim Dal to be part of Maeng Woo-sin’s new drama. He is hoping he will impress him, and Maeng Woo-sin will take the guy to Hongwoodaedae so he can switch back to his body.

Kim Dal tells him that he already turned down the offer to participate in the drama. She asks him to focus on winning the Artist of the Year Award and his idol career. She also tells him it will be hard to protect him on a drama set especially given that the Evil One wants to kill him.

Gam-jae overhears them and after Kim Dal leaves, he offers to help Pontifex start his acting career. They recruit the help of Hae-gyeol to create an actor profile and send it to the executives of the Dear Deity show.

Elsewhere, the LL Entertainment team, meet and strategize on getting more jobs for Wild Animal. Sun-ja gets a call from the director of Dear Deity informing her that they have decided to give Yeon-woo a chance after he sent his profile. Sun-ja thinks this is a great idea and offers to hire an acting tutor to help Yeon-woo.

As Sun-ja strategizes, the Evil One is also making his move. He meets with Jung-shin in a bar and asks him to tell him his heart desires.  The Evil One explains to Jung-shin that he can help him fulfil his dark desires. He shows Jung-shin how he has helped everyone currently at the bar.

Concurrently, Yeon-woo attends his first acting class and he is a mess. Kim Dal tells him plainly that she is angry with him. She is mad that he didn’t tell her about sending his profile to the director. She warns him that if his powers are discovered he will be studied and used as a lab rat. She asks him to tell her his plans going forward. Pontifex is touched by her concern, he apologizes and promises to keep her in the loop.

As they talk, Kim Dal gets a call informing her Cash has gone. He sometimes leaves and goes MIA for a few days and walks around visiting places he has fond memories of. They find him a few days later and he admits he is worried that he will be criticized online again. He already lost his fans and confidence once after a scandal and he can’t take it again. Yeon-woo and Kim Dal encourage him to move forward and focus on doing his best at the Sing Survival contest.

Sun-ja meets with Woo-Sil for dinner to thank him and we learn they used to have a fling.

Later, Wild Animal meet with their choreographer to show their support for Yeon-woo in the 3rd round of the contest. For this round, Yeon-woo is expected to sing and dance, but the choreographer and Kim Dal come up with a simple sexy dance for him. As expected, Pontifex refuses to learn the new dance since it is too sexy for his taste. Jung-seo tries to help him learn but he gets hurt and ruins the shoot by accidentally breaking a camera.

Pontifex later heals him and comforts him. He learns that Jung-seo and the other members have led tough lives. They are all chasing fame because they all have responsibilities to their family to do their best. They have so much to take care of and they want to be famous and help their families. Pontifex offers to help them and feels the conversation helped him understand and get close to the members.

Later, Gam-Jae drops Yeon-woo at his Dear Deity audition. Yeon-woo runs into a woman and heals her. The woman turns out to be Ma Jin Hwa, the President and COO of an entertainment company.  She takes a liking to Yeon-woo and gives him her card and asks him to call her.

The next day  Yeon-woo pays Jung-shin a visit in his waiting room. They make a deal that Jung-shin will tell Pontifex the identity of the Evil one if Yeon-woo wins the competition. And should Jung-shin win, Yeon-woo will become his slave for one day. However, will Yeon-woo win given that the Evil One is on the way to sabotage the competition?

The episode ends with someone putting a black bag over Yeon-woo’s head just as he is about to start his performance.

The Episode Review

A lot of things happened in this episode. If Pontifex’s healing ability is discovered things will get out of hand. Kim Dal is right to warn him, he needs to be careful.

It looks like Gam-jae is willing to help Pontifex. He wants to help Pontifex get back to his world so that he can accomplish his mission to sort out what has been going wrong in the Underworld. Pontifex’s healing ability has been messing with the names in the Book of Life and Death.

Jung-shin probably accepted the deal because he knew the Evil One is up to something. Was it Jung-shin’s idea to hoodwink Yeon-woo and what will happen to him?

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