The Heavenly Idol – K-drama Episode 4 Recap & Review

Something Is Off

Episode 4 of The Heavenly Idol starts where we left off with Woo-sil unable to sing. Yeon- woo realizes that he is being affected by black magic. He gets close to Woo-sil and does his best to heal him.  His energy is low since Kim Dal has him on a diet but he has enough to treat Woo-sil.

Woo-sil is able to sing but their proximity during their performance leads people to question if they are dating.  Their beautiful performance also gets the most votes during the live show. This leaves Moo-rok pressured to find a new angle to present Yeon-woo as the viewers love him.

Moo-rok calls the Evil One to explain the situation and to find a new strategy. With his plan failing, the Evil One strategizes on how to kill Pontifex. He, however, thinks that death is too easy and he wants to have fun terrorizing Pontifex. He decides to capitalize on the hate Jung-shin has for Yeon-woo.

On the other hand, Kim Dal is happy with the performance but Yeon-woo is stressed out. She asks him why he is not happy and he explains that he can sense the Evil One is close. Kim Dal is confused why he is still talking about the Evil One.

At LL Entertainment, Sun-ja and her employees celebrate the success of Yeon-woo in the Sing Survival show. This leaves Cash feeling left out and he points out he is doing well too. As they celebrate,  Kim Dal gets a request from Producer Woo who is on a show called Music Music. He is giving Wild Animals a second chance in his show and wants them to perform.

Sun-ja agrees and asks Kim Dal to prepare the boys even though they won’t have enough time to practice. She also tells Yeon-woo to use this chance to network as he already got an offer to act in a drama. Yeon-woo says that he has no interest in acting but Sun-ja ignores him and continues celebrating the good news.

The results of the second round are announced and Yeon-woo and Woo-sil take the top spot. This infuriates Jung-shin especially after he sees Yeon-woo trending online. As he vents to his manager, he gets a call from Shin Jo Woon ( the Evil One ) asking to meet.

Meanwhile, Wild Animal meet with their choreographer to relearn their dance but Yeon-woo can barely dance. Kim Dal reminds him that nothing is easy in life and Yeon-woo points out she has been cold to him since he won the second round. Kim Dal tells him that she won’t give him any special treatment and refuses to step in while Yeon-woo has a hard time learning to dance. He is unable to get the concept which is sexy men.

After practice, the boys relax and have dinner. Yeon-woo is not happy that he is still on a diet.  Jung-seo returns Yoon-woo’s phone to him and Yeon-woo sees the messages he missed from an avid fan, YeonwooYeonu. He replies to the emails and Kim Dal’s phone starts ringing with notifications. Yeon-woo realizes that YeonwooYeonu is Kim Dal.  Kim Dal drags him outside and asks him to stop replying to the messages.

Unfortunately, he thinks that Kim Dal is in love with the real Yeon-woo. He finds the situation sad since the real Yeon-woo is gone at the moment. He promises to bring them back before he goes back to the Other World. Kim Dal tries to explain to him that she is just a fan and swears him to secrecy.

After their conversation, Yeon-woo sees a notification on his phone reminding him about an outing with the Hongwoodaedae leader. He doesn’t know who Hongwoodaedae is and finds it weird that Yeon-woo had no messages from his family or friends.  Later, at home Jung-seo asks him if he managed to join Hongwoodaedae.

Apparently, Hongwoodaedae is a church made up of elite celebrities and dignitaries in the country. Jung-seo suspects that Yeon-woo managed to get in and they brainwashed him to the point he forgot who he was. He, however, doesnt know much other than the group’s insignia and that a famous actor, Maeng Woo-sin is a member. Coincidentally, Woo-sin is also the Music Music show host.  After Jung-seo draws the group’s insignia, Yeon-woo recognizes it as the one of Lord Redrin.

Yeon- woo decides to learn more about Woo-sin in hopes of talking to him at the show. His members find it exhausting that he refuses to put his phone down. At the show, Yeon-woo meets his fans and has a chance to meet Woo-sin before the show. Woo-sin is not impressed that Yeon-woo snuck into his room. They had met before and he snuck into his movie set in the past. Yeon-woo asks to join  Hongwoodaedae but Woo-sin tells him that he is not at their level. He advises him to level up first and kicks him out.

In the meantime, in the Afterlife, the names of the people supposed to die keep getting deleted from the book of Life and Death.  Her Majesty in charge decides to send someone on earth to find out who is messing with humans’ destined lifespan.

After being discouraged by Woo-sin,  Yeon-woo goes to greet the guard at the broadcast station. He asks if the guard knows the man he was trying to get to last time. He even draws the back head of the man but the guard can’t remember.

Kim Dal comes to find him and asks him why he still pursuing the Evil One when things are going great. He is getting popular and she is hoping he will come back to himself. Ponyifex apologizes because he believes he is the reason the two lovers can’t be together. Kim Dal asks him to focus on the performance and gives him pointers. During this time, they get close and Kim Dal’s heart is shaken.

After the performance, Yeon-woo still feels something is off. He keeps sensing the presence of the Evil One around the broadcasting building. They get a call to head straight to LL Entertainment Agency, Sun- ja is angry that Cash is caught up in a dating rumour. Someone took a photo of him giving a peck to the girl he is having a fling with and shared it with the press.

Kim Dal asks to handle the matter and Yeon-woo offers to help her but she declines his help. He secretly follows Kim Dal when she meets with the reporter who published the story. The reporter asks to trade information about  Liz Ri’s suicide in return for his source. Kim Dal gets angry and when she is about to leave the reporter grabs her. Yeon-woo steps in and they gang up on the reporter until he gave up his source. Luckily, the reporter didn’t see Yeon-woo’s face.

After running away from the reporter, Yeon-woo comforts Kim Dal using his powers. Kim Dal admits that Yeon-woo has always comforted her and been there for her when she was miserable. Yeon- woo asks her again if she is sure she is not in love with Yeon-woo and she insists she sees him only as an idol.  He in turn promises to be there for her the next time she is heartbroken. Kim Dal tells him that she is happy and glad that she can spend time with Pontifex.

Kim Dal calls Sun-ja and informs her that Oh Jung-shin’s manager was the source. As they are talking, Sun-ja gets an unplanned visit from someone asking for a job. Since they are currently understaffed she agrees to do an interview. A good-looking man wearing a black suit walks in leaving Sun-ja speechless. He is the man sent from the Afterlife to find out who is disrupting their work.

On the other hand, the Evil One meets with Jung-shin and influences him to kill Yeon-woo. The Evil One knows that  Jung-shin is capable of hurting someone to get what he wants, he has done it before.

At the studio, Cash nearly gets into a fight with Jung-shin after confronting him about sharing his relationship with the press. Yeon-woo and Kim Dal break them off before the fight escalates. Yeon-woo then notices that Jung-shin is under the influence of the Evil One. He spots Jung-shin acting weird and follows him.

Jung-shin attacks a staff member and she falls to the ground bleeding. Yeon-woo arrives in time to heal her and Kim Dal is shocked upon seeing this. They follow Jung-shin to the parking lot and they see he is fully possessed by black magic. His eyes are red and he has horns on his forehead. Kim Dal is petrified as she has never seen anything like this before.

The Episode Review

It looks like the Evil One is intensifying his plans and wants to seriously mess with Pontifex. However, he is not ready to face him and is influencing other people.

I am interested in seeing what the new handsome man from the Afterlife will be doing. Will he be an ally to Pontifex or an enemy?

I think Kim Dal and Pontifex are getting close and they might soon start having feelings for one another. Hopefully, Kim Dal will now believe Pontifex and help him instead of shutting him down every time he speaks of the Evil One. Can’t wait for next week!

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