The Guardians of Justice – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

When Guardians Fall In Love

Episode 5 of The Guardians of Justice begins with Knight Hawk turning to Golden Goddess as the next Guardian to interrogate. He heads off to visit her in her home, the Yeksal Realm. Hawk is determined to get to the bottom of Marvelous Man’s emotional state just before he died.

Both Marvelous Man and Golden Goddess were actually working together to taker down a guy called Commander Zedd. This occurred days before his death.

However, there’s no love lost between Goddess and Marvelous Man, as Goddess reflects on how weak he really was, likening his mental state to a child. As she starts using her manipulative powers against Hawk, Awesome Man senses this from afar and shows up to stop her, saving Hawk in the process.

Together, the pair head back to the Hawk’s Nest, where Hawk admits he doesn’t need to interrogate Awesome Man. Why? Well, he knows the guy has an alibi.

However, things are complicated when Awesome Man and Speed grow closer together, falling in love and eventually, well, making love. While that’s all well and good, it also causes big problems within the Guardian ranks. As Hawk explains to Little Wing, this could mean that they’re emotionally compromised.

This is something typified through a hero called The Meow. After her lover was killed, this docile hero lashed out and went on a bloody rampage, gaining revenge on the crooked cops responsible by shooting them all dead.

Given the superhero code they live by, Marvelous Man threw her into Bedlam Asylum. Unfortunately, when she got out she became part of a crime syndicate. However, she’s also partly good too. This is just as well, given she’s Hawk’s next port of call.

Speaking to Meow about the case, she mentions how the Mellow Devil is a lucrative drug and knows a guy who could be responsible for distributing this out.

Meanwhile, Speed receives a call from Motion Blur, who admits to stealing the caltronite bullet from Lockwood. He also mentions how he’s been set-up by someone who has “got inside his head”.

The Speed wants to take him in for questioning but he’s having none of it. The pair do inevitably fight, with The Speed coming out on top with bone-crunching precision.

On his knees, Blur admits that Marvelous Man died of his own accord. But did he really?

The Episode Review

The attention this time turns to two parts of the investigation. The first sees Hawk investigating Goddess and whether she could be responsible. At the same time, he also goes after the distributor of this Mellow Devil, with a cautionary tale about love and how it can compromise someone emotionally.

This seems to be foreshadowing the romance between Awesome Man and Speed but we’ll have to wait and see whether the show elaborates on that or not.

However, Guardians of Justice also leans into the drama involving the caltronite bullet, where Motion Blur admits to stealing it but also being under control. But by who? Could this link to Mind Master like we heard in the last episode? Or is there more going on here than we’re being led to believe?

Either way, everything has been left wide open and right now we’ve got 2 more episodes to find out who’s responsible for killing Marvelous Man – and why.

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