The Guardians of Justice – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Shame is a Lower Vibration than Anger

Episode 6 of The Guardians of Justice begins at Bedlam Asylum as highlights of Mind Master’s interviewed is broadcast out. He talks about his history, specifically how his father was an abuser. In the middle of this interview, the broadcast is interrupted by an advert for Mellow Devil.

This cuts us back to the present, as we see Hawk following up on Meow’s lead. Her contact has given him 4 different warehouses to check out. So in typical montage fashion, Hawk moves from one to the next, eventually finding the area where Mellow Devil was originally being created. However, the place has long been abandoned.

Fragments of Mellow Devil is still there though and running it through the Cortex system, it seems to hint that Mind Master and, by extension, Marvelous Man, were both there. However, there’s a hidden memory that Cortex manages to access, which happens to be Knight Hawk’s.

The truth is, Mind Master is actually still alive and didn’t die all those years ago after all. This was hidden from Hawk, who realizes Marvelous Man has lied to him all this time. Communicating with Walker, she warns that nuclear war is upon them and if they’re not careful, it could spell the end of the world.

Hawk steps up his interrogation, tracking down Mind Master and pressuring him to reveal the truth. Mind Master controlled Motion Blur to steal the bullet from Lockwood, which in turn was given to Marvelous Man for him to kill himself. But why? For what end?

Well, it turns out we’ve been looking at things all wrong. Mind Master and Marvelous Man were in love but Mind Master wanted Marvelous Man to come clean about their relationship. Marvelous Man couldn’t take the guilt, partly thanks to Laura cheating on him, and decided to kill himself.

Meanwhile, Logan lures Speed out to his secret lair, revealing that Hawk is actually a bad guy and a supervillain. She doesn’t believe it but when Speed checks the Lockwood simulation, she realizes that what Logan has said is true. Hawk has been recruiting disillusioned people and building his army at the Citadel.

That’s not how the news frames it though, with the Russians holding off from starting Nuclear war by listening in to the warped truth.

According to the news, Mind Master was working with the rogue terrorist nation Anubis and pushing them into nuclear war. Hawk is the true hero in this version of events, causing everyone to work together. And as Hawk kills Mind Master in cold blood, it’s distorted to look like a heroic act.

Speed seems to be the only hope here to expose the truth and stop this fascist future from coming to fruition. As she leaves Logan’s place, she warns the remaining groggy soldier that she’s coming for Hawk.

The Episode Review

So the penultimate episode lifts the veil over what’s going on and shows the truth of the matter. There’s actually a really nice twist here to show that Hawk is the bad guy all along and that Mind Master and Marvelous Man were in love.

That’s certainly unexpected but the issue here stems from the lack of character depth and growth, which this series has really lacked. Aesthetically Guardians has been great, with lots of visual flair and plenty of interesting animated bits too.

With the finale up next, let’s hope everything ends with a bang.

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