The Flight Attendant – Season 2 Episode 1 “Seeing Double” Recap & Review

Seeing Double

Season 2 of ‘The Flight Attendant’ hit our screens and the goofy crime thriller continues Cassie Bowden’s incredible story in the new season as an asset for the CIA. Kaley Cuoco and the majority of the cast return to reprise their roles. Will Cassie suffer a similar fate as season one, or will she pave her own path this time around? We will see. Meanwhile, to get a head-start on season two, this recap for the first season might come in handy.

Cassie has now moved to Los Angeles to begin her new life. She has joined an AA group, works for the CIA, and is in a healthy relationship with a photographer named Marco. In an envelope, she receives keys to something. Its meaning might become clearer in the upcoming episodes. She still has her day job as a flight attendant for the Imperial. Before her flight to Berlin, Benjamin Berry, her CIA handler tasks her with a new assignment.

The mark’s name is Will Kotov. Cassie’s instructions are to observe at the site (the hotel). The cabin head for the flight is Jada from season one. Although this time, she’s wary of Cassie’s inclination for “shenanigans”.

Cassie spots her Mark at the hotel. She attends a phone call from Max and Annie, who have landed in LA to stay with Cassie for a few days while Annie prepares for her job interview. Cassie is interrupted by a couple, Gabrielle and Esteban, who mysteriously use a device to clone data from Cassie’s bag.

Cassie, breaking all rules as always, engages with Will. After a small chat, he gets up to go outside to pick up a “package”. Cassie again pays no heed to rules and follows him outside the hotel all around Berlin. Finally, she sees him meeting up with someone at another hotel. The lady he meets looks exactly like Cassie – blonde hair, the same tattoo. Cassie notices a man listening to Will and the lady’s meeting just in the room above. He sees her watching him.

Will and the lady exchange the envelope and a black briefcase. In the panic, Cassie receives a call from Megan asking if she “also” got a key in the mail. Cassie dismisses her and witnesses Will’s car being blown to bits. Cassie is momentarily transported to the lobby of the hotel, where she sees her younger self and her older self sharing a conversation. She briefly sees the lady dressed in black and wearing sunglasses. Cassie again has a weird conversation with her older self (in her head), inviting her to have a cocktail.

Cassie’s room’s wardrobes are empty. She visits reception and asks them about it. To her surprise, the receptionist says that Cassie Bowden has checked out. She was wearing the uniform and everything had the bags and left earlier. On the flight, Cassie takes drinks to a seat for Grace, a fellow cabin crew, and finds the same man listening to Will’s conversation from last night. When they land, he tries talking to her but she races away.

She comes back home and is greeted by Annie and Max. They plan an outing and catch up but Cassie finds CIA agents at her door. Benjamin’s boss requests her immediate presence at the office. Benjamin also confronts her about Cassie breaking the rules and following Will around. Benjamin’s boss, Dot Karlson, appreciates Cassie’s bravery but dismisses her claims that the bomb explosion took place because of a briefcase. She maintains that the leaking of a gas line caused it.

She also reveals that Will was actually a CIA informant. The strange man turns out to be working for the CIA and his name is Jim Jones. Cassie gets her bags back but they aren’t really hers. They contain a bloodied wig, probably from last night and dropped by the woman.

The Episode Review

An extremely intriguing beginning to the new season. It is such a warm feeling to see someone make positive progress in their lives. It is easier said than done to change and lose your older self. Actually getting the work done is harder than you can possibly imagine.

Cassie has done that and we’re super-duper happy for her! But as is inevitable, trouble has come walking to her door once again. This time though, she is in a better place and less of a train wreck.

The “mind palace” thing is back and it is so fun to see her older self tempting her to come back to old ways. It’s quite reminiscent of something like ‘Inside Out’ where various emotions converse with each other. The only difference here is that it is an older version of yourself calling you back. This will be a hilarious reprieve all season long and possibly contribute to piecing the puzzle together.

The new mystery involves another murder, this time a bit more violent. Although I appreciate the creators’ attempts to keep the storytelling crisp, I have to say I am not a big fan of the following sequence shots. They are a bit off-putting and take the charm away from noir filmmaking. That was probably the only blip in the episode.

A shout out to Kaley Cuoco who is even more adorable as Cassie in season two. Her eye rolls, her bangs, and a goofy portrayal of Cassie, all create a compelling package. She alone can make the viewer sit through it and not regret it a second. A decent start to the new season!

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