The Flight Attendant – Season 2 Episode 2 “Mushrooms, Tasers, and Bears, Oh My!” Recap & Review

Mushrooms, Tasers, and Bears, Oh My!

Another season of ‘The Flight Attendant’, and another instance of seeing the bemused faces of Max and Annie as Cassie explains her predicament. This just doesn’t get old!

Episode 2 of The Flight Attendant Season 2 starts with Cassie explaining every detail to her besties. Max is as usual curious and starts to put the pieces together. Annie, though, is typically overwhelmed by the adventure and by the fact that the imposter uses a highly expensive Santal 33.

They decide to work on the case together. Marco is still unaware of the controversy. Cassie, in her bid to solve the mystery, latches on to the idea that Grace, her cabin crewmate, is the guilty party. She has a plan to visit Grace’s house and investigate. Annie warns her against it and she agrees. Annie also prepares for her interview on the day. Cassie, as expected, goes to Grace’s home, who lies to her and says she has to deal with “a bad case of sourdough”. Cassie being Cassie follows her to the airport where Grace picks up a package.

Max works on the slides. Annie reveals her nervousness to Max about her condition. She doesn’t feel confident not being self-sufficient anymore. Max comforts her and reassures her of her abilities. Annie’s interview does not go swimmingly. She is extremely skittish and offbeat with her answers, convincing her she is not going to get it. Cassie’s big day sees her brother Dave and Marco visiting her AA meeting to mark one year of her sobriety. Cassie, while thanking her loved ones, has a vision of the place (let’s call it “mind palace” from now) in the hotel lobby of her older and younger self berating her.

At the meeting, Jenny asks Dave for a day out and lunch to discuss something. Grace messages Cassie asking if she still wants to hang out. In her mind palace, another new version of Cassie manifests – the depressed Cassie. While at Grace’s house, Cassie investigates but doesn’t find anything incriminating. In fact, she clears her on the basis of no tattoo on Grace’s back. The package turns out to be medical-grade fentanyl lollypops, used to comfort cancer patients. Cassie makes an excuse and leaves.

Jenny tries to get information out of Dave about Cassie’s incident from season one. A very brief scene also shows Megan grinding mushrooms and sending her son a weird Snapchat message. Max discovers that one of the pictures from the camera found in the imposter’s bag is of the Lady of the Lake statute at the Echo Park. The three visit the park and the imposter takes photos of them together. She is in town and a confrontation is nigh.

The two couples have dinner together. Cassie reveals to Annie about her visit to Grace’s house, angering her. Marco says he is going to be more assertive with Cassie and asks her to move in. Annie and Max go ahead of them and find Esteban trying to break into Cassie’s house.

Gabrielle also emerges from the opposite house, saying the two Air Bnb’d that house. It is then revealed that they have taken the old couple hostage in the backroom.

The Episode Review

The ending has got our hearts racing again. The danger to limb and life persists with Cassie. Somehow, she hasn’t been able to shrug off attention for more than two seasons now! A

reprieve in some sense lies in the fact that this time she has a stronger network of friends around her to absorb unexpected shocks. She even has the patronage of the CIA, although I suspect something might be fishy there.

Jenny and Megan’s are two plotlines that will be explosive for the series. Some groundwork is already in place to introduce them fully into the overall narrative. While the former is set to be an unlikeable character because of no fault of her own, Megan is the underdog we’re all rooting for. There have been no new developments to lead to the blonde’s identity or the couple that appears in the final shot.

The looming uncertainty will only make matters worse. Will they be nemeses or work together against Cassie’s interests? Grace is out of the woods, though.

Cassie’s initial suspicion seems to have been misplaced and this was somewhat expected. Finding the culprits cannot be thisĀ easy! For now, Cassie seems to have been burned with a string of personal issues that she has to deal with. Knowing her so intimately, it is probable she’ll find a way. Let’s hope she does!

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