The First Temptation of Christ – Netflix Film Review

Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned

The First Temptation of Christ is going to upset and annoy a lot of religious people, making it the perfect follow-up to The Last Hangover. Although lightning doesn’t strike twice with this comedic parody of the Christian faith and Bible fables, The First Temptation is a funny and cleverly written film nonetheless. Unlike the simple and bottled concept in The Last Hangover, this time around Director Rodrigo Van Der Put throws everything, including the kitchen sink, into the fold with mixed results.

With The Last Supper all but a distant memory, Jesus returns from the desert with his new “friend” Orlando to celebrate his 30th birthday. In this parodical take on the coming-of-age trope, Jesus wrestles with the idea that God, not Joseph, is his Father before embarking on a spiritual journey to learn the true extent of his faith and powers. All of this sees him go up against an infamous foe during the film’s climactic final act that turns things into a hilarious, low-budget supernatural action flick.

I was a massive fan of the first film and loved the concept. It was cleverly written and stuck closely to the original tale with a few comedic differences. This time around, The First Temptation Of Christ is a lot wackier in its depiction and in its attempt to try and usurp the original, falls short of rekindling those same comedic highs.

Having said that though, the film is still incredibly funny with some great jokes around Jesus’ sexuality and journey in the Bible. Hearing Orlando sing about God’s twisted moral compass or Joseph and God’s back-and-forth around parental rights are brilliant inclusions and the perfect ammo for the cast to work with. The jokes do rely on the same style of humour as the first film too so if you weren’t a fan of that one, this is unlikely to sway your opinion.

The First Temptation of Christ doesn’t quite hit the same lofty heights as its predecessor but it does deliver a funny 45 minute slice of comedy nonetheless. The jokes are well-timed, cleverly written and the Brazilian cast clearly had a good time making this one too. It’s not perfect, and at times it does fall into that realm of shock and awe for the sake of laughs rather than logic, but if you can look past this and were a fan of the first, you’re bound to have a good time with this one.


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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

20 thoughts on “The First Temptation of Christ – Netflix Film Review”

  1. This isn’t the only movie that Netflix, unfortunately we are living in a society that finds this movie along with others acceptable. The only way to really hit home is in the pocket book. Joining the wagon to cancel my subscription as well..

  2. When the kingdom of Jesus comes and Jesus pretends not to know you… oh you will know how you have sinned and you will repent, though its too late. If the world is full of people like you, I honestly don’t know if we can be saved despite Jesus’s all power. These people should be sued. Lawsuits should be pressed. Jail time is definitely appropriate. Insulting our religion is not cool. We don’t want human sacrifices. Christianity never hurt anyone. EXCEPT FOR JESUS.

  3. Hilourous movie, the only thing sucks is its not in English. For you people who are butt hurt over it, get alife. Netflix doesn’t tailer its movies just for you. If you it then dont watch grow up. And nobody cares if you canceled your netflix account. I’m keeping it becouse of this movie, so there.

  4. shame on netflix to allow this kind of disrespectful content, you should know your audience and not allow content which undermines peoplea beleives, there is nothing funny about the movie, its blasphemy. will cancel my subscription as well.

  5. I don’t exactly believe in a god or jesus or anything, but I feel like this is disrespectful. Many christians/catholics try to be kind towards lgbtq+ members and follow the “love thy neighbor” rule. Doing this is putting the lgbtq+ community back a few steps with christians/catholics. Think of it this way, would you be offended if they took a gay icon and portrayed them as a stereotypical heterosexual? It would most likely be labeled as homophobic. So why would you make their figure of worship homosexual? It’s offensive either way.

  6. Seeing the hysteria posted by Christians over this film here and elsewhere just makes me want to watch this more.

  7. Why don’t you try remaking this with Mohammed as gay? No! I guess not as the consequences of paying out on Islam would not only land you in jail but also be a life long target of Islamic upset. Have some respect – I for one will cancel my Netflix subcription.

  8. I really don’t understand why devoted Christians feel so pressed with this movie.. I am christian aswell and found It very funny. If you think putting Jesus as a gay man is offensive, than you should really learn what Jesus said about loving others. Nobody knows how Jesus was and how he looked

  9. I loved it. In comedy everything is fair game. I’m a devout wiccan but I find witch jokes hilarious. I’m also a lesbian that laughs at lesbian jokes. If you take yourself so seriously that you can’t have a good laugh at things, then you are what is wrong with society. This movie was hilarious and the knowledge that so many redfaced hateful “Christians” were throwing a tantrum about it, made it even better.

  10. I pray God opens the heart of your understanding that those who mock Christ Jesus are themselves already mocked. As you do not have control over your entrance into this world so you don’t when you exit. Respect your maker. ‘All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.’He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not.
    I’m sorry on this note my subscription has been cancelled.

  11. Is it true the writer / director also contracted with Netflix to do a similar project on the prophet Mohammed?

  12. Can anyone tell me the the name of the song/band when Lucifer starts attacking everyone? I don’t know why but it sounds like a Queens of the Stone Age song to me… Any help would be much appreciated.

  13. Why in the world would anyone think of this? Some of us Christians go out of our way to respect LGBT, and this is what you do to our religion? This is straight up disrespect. Don’t blame us if we become homophobic after this. This shouldn’t exist. Shame on everyone involved.

  14. Horrible movie I did not watch it but just knowing what they are saying about the king of kings is horrible why don’t we mock Satan why are we always my king Jesus why don’t we mock any other God because God is the one true God

  15. This film MUST not be published, it is an abomination & demonic May God have mercy on their souls the ones who came up with this film. Go before God & repent!!!! For this sin. I will pray for you.

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