The Fire Hunter – Season 2 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Sea of Trees

Episode 5 of The Fire Hunter Season 2 starts with Koushi, Kun, Touko, and their two canine friends traveling to the location Hibari told them about in episode 4. Kun trips into a stream but lets the others know he’s okay. Koushi and Touko find Kun holding a glowing fish. Suddenly, the glowing fish disintegrates.

Koushi hypothesizes that the divine gods’ created the fish. Koushi, Kun, and Touko continue traveling down this path and find themselves in the dark forest. Before a flame fiend harms them, Akira arrives and saves our group from it. Roroku graces their presence afterward. Akira informs Koushi’s group about her journey and how she stumbled upon Roroku. 

Before they develop a plan to reach the capital, Roroku suggests they get some sleep. Everyone but Koushi and Akira rest. Akira uses this time to ask Koushi several questions regarding Hibari and the Flickering Flame. Koushi tells Akira that the divine gods plan to use Kira as a vessel for the Flickering Flame. 

Akira tells Koushi that although he hated the Okibi House, she knows he at least cares about Kira’s well-being. Therefore, he should showcase more concern for people that matter to him. In the morning, Koushi asks Kun if he can find the bug that made the Spiders fireproof. He feels that pinpointing this bug will assist him in making amends for his murderous sins. 

Kun tells Koushi he can do it, but Touko’s slightly angry with Koushi because he doesn’t want to look for Hinako or Kira. Akira tells Touko that they should let Koushi do what he wants since he has a lot on his mind currently. Akira reveals three letters that have the same message written within them. She hands one to Roroku and Koushi. 

Akira believes one of them will successfully deliver this letter. She says she’ll focus on the bug-capturing task and will bring Touko and Kun along with her since she feels Touko will provide her with efficient aid in the forest. Akira wants Roroku and Koushi to head to the capital and promises her group will reunite with them there before sundown. 

After bidding farewell to each other, we cut to Koushi and Roroku discussing the capital’s strange odor. Roroku hears bizarre noises and suggests that he and Koushi split up. Moreover, Roroku wants Koushi to find Hinako first. Koushi wanders the capital and bumps into two men.

They mistake Koushi for an academy student and ask Koushi to retrieve his teachers so they can help them with carrying duties. Koushi states his business to the two gentlemen, but they inform Koushi that the only people left in this factory district are wounded crewmen and dogs. However, one of the men says there are tree folk at the relief station. 

Koushi thanks them and heads toward the relief station. Elsewhere, while looking for the bug, Akira and Touko discuss the Flickering Flame. Akira says that theories are floating around that the Flickering Flame is a mechanical doll. Before she continues, Kun finds some neat evidence regarding the bugs.

Then, Kanata and Temari sense a few men nearby prattling weird remarks. Akira tells Touko to ignore them and her group continues exploring the area. At the relief station, Koushi bumps into Mr. Hitoo and the two decide to discuss things outside. Koushi questions some strange sights around the relief station and asks Mr. Hitoo if he’s supporting folks there. 

Mr. Hitoo says he’s here to research human combustion ranges. Additionally, Mr. Hitoo brings up a rumor regarding a red-haired warrior becoming the “lord of the fire hunters” and saving them all. However, he feels like it’s a myth than a fact. Koushi tells Mr. Hitoo he knows a red-haired warrior, but before they discuss that, Koushi updates Mr. Hitoo about everything. 

Mr. Hitoo tells Koushi he wishes he could do more and understands the burden placed on Koushi’s shoulders. Moreover, Mr. Hitoo says Koushi shouldn’t bear all the blame for the destruction that’s occurred in the capital. Koushi rambles on about it briefly before Mr. Hitoo offers her some advice. 

Then, Mr. Hitoo tells Koushi to look at the cannon because he notices dead horse corpses around it. Koushi assumes someone is using animals’ blood to keep the divine gods away. The episode closes with Koushi finding this sight appalling. 

The Episode Review

Considering fans didn’t receive much intel about Akira’s whereabouts, many wondered if her fate had been sealed. Thankfully, Koushi, Touko, Kun, and the dogs found her in decent condition. Yet, many may be upset that the group’s reunion was cut short since they all decided to go their separate ways again.

Hopefully, these three groups will remain safe and sound after completing their separate tasks. Additionally, this episode continues to allude to Akira or Touko becoming the “lord of the fire hunters.” However, we anticipate it’ll be Touko instead of Akira, given the intel we received about her in season one and the tight bond she’s formed with the Flickering Flame. 

Only time will tell if that rumor about the “fire hunter lord” is true or false. On that note, fans may not find Koushi’s sorrowful mood appealing in this chapter since we already received an episode of him airing out his qualms. Nonetheless, it was nice seeing Mr. Hitoo offer Koushi advice before the two witnessed the ungodly animal corpses scattered around the lightning cannon. 

By and large, this was an okay chapter of The Fire Hunter. I’m interested to see Koushi and Hinako reunite with each other since it’s long overdue. 

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