The Fire Hunter – Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Review

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Episode 4 of The Fire Hunter Season 2 starts with Koushi finding himself in a strange realm. Suddenly, the Flickering Flame appears alongside Hinako’s doctor. This doctor informs the Flickering Flame and Koushi that chaos will ensue in the capital soon. The Flickering Flame agrees with the doctor.

Even if she gets involved in the capital’s happenings, she believes this world will suffer. The doctor argues humans could’ve fixed things in the past, but they’re incapable of doing so nowadays. However, he believes he and Koushi can do something to prevent things from getting worse. Koushi asks the doctor questions about Hinako.

The doctor says if he hadn’t done what he did to Hinako, she would’ve perished from the industrial area’s toxins within ten years. Hibari shows up and Koushi realizes he’s incapable of controlling his body. Hibari tells Koushi not to argue with the doctor in front of the Flickering Flame. Hibari and the doctor discuss the capital’s fire and Spiders’s dilemma. 

Hibari loosens his control over Koushi’s body. Koushi asks the doctor to explain what he did to Hinako, the Okibis, and the other humans. The doctor says he and the Water Clan experimented on them to help them sustain their survival. However, he says their body-remake project had faults, but thanks to Hinako, they managed to create the perfect specimen for their new “human race” project.

The doctor reminds the Flickering Flame the divine clans want her to become the next Lady Goddess. The Flickering Flame wonders what will happen if she succeeds her sister, Tayura. The doctor doesn’t give her a solid answer but says they’ve already chosen a vessel for her and will use force to make her comply with their wishes. 

Back on Earth, Koushi awakens from his unconscious state. Hibari reveals he’s the one who sent Koushi that vision and informs Koushi about Touko and Kanata’s activities. Koushi asks Hibari questions regarding the doctor’s “vessel” statement. Hibari tells Koushi Kira will serve as the Flickering Flame’s vessel. Additionally, he confirms several gods frequented the Okibi household.

Hibari departs and Kun’s surprised by how fast Hibari fled the scene. Koushi runs away and notices many burnt corpses surrounding him. Kanata and Touko reunite with Kun and Koushi. Koushi rambles about his failures and disappointment in himself. Youshichi and his ally arrive from a corner and Koushi notices they’ve sprayed two godly individuals with a deadly toxin. 

Yuoshichi rambles about the gods’ distasteful views of humanity and how he wishes the lightning cannon would’ve killed the gods alongside the Spiders. Then, he reflects on his experiences with the great fire and how it filled him with immense sorrow. He hopes he can make the gods feel pain and tells Koushi he no longer needs his aid.

Yuoshichi suggests that he and the others flee the capital. While Yuoshichi and his ally continue their god extermination mission, Koushi and the others reunite with Temari at a tunnel. However, Akira isn’t with Temari, making Koushi question where she’s at. Touko informs Koushi about Hinako’s whereabouts and brings up the Flickering Flame.

Koushi informs Touko about what the divine clans plan to use Kira for. Moreover, Koushi is infuriated that humans are treated as lab rats, and Touko is upset with this revelation too. Touko tells Koushi to head to the relief station to support Hinako. Meanwhile, she plans to find Akira and go to the palace with her. 

Koushi suggests that he, Touko, Kun, and the others should stick together. Our heroes spot a strange blue mist-like entity nearby, and Touko tells Koushi they should follow it. They follow it to a water purification facility and Koushi suggests they should rest here. Touko and Koushi discuss the Flickering Flame.

Then the Flickering Flame interrupts their discussion to share her grievances with the world and her purpose with Touko. Koushi snaps Touko out of her trance and Touko informs him what the Flickering Flame told her. Then, some water-based foes grab Kun. Before Touko and Koushi save him, Hibari arrives and uses his spies to combat these entities.

This allows Koushi and Touko to save Kun from them. Koushi asks Hibari why he saved them. Hibari doesn’t give a solid answer but he gets into a heated debate with Koushi regarding these water-based humans. Hibari says the Flickering Flame is heading to the divine clans’ location but is unsure if she should go through with the vessel process yet. 

He informs our heroes of a route they can take that’ll help them reach the palace sooner. Hibari leaves and the episode closes with Koushi pondering the news Hibari shared with them about the Flickering Flame. 

The Episode Review

The Fire Hunter’s lore and characters continue to serve as this series’s best features. Unfortunately, outside of the visually impressive stills, the visuals and animation continue to disappoint in this series. From the janky character movements to their bizarre proportions, we wouldn’t blame folks for shoving this anime aside in favor of more graphically appealing shows airing this season. 

Nevertheless, what will prevent some folks from tossing this anime aside, will be its intriguing narrative and cast. With topics like human experimentation and tragedy, The Fire Hunter touches upon some interesting subjects that’ll appeal to some fans. Moreover, it was devastating to see Koushi’s reaction to all the burnt corpses surrounding him and Kun. 

Additionally, some folks may question Akira’s outcome this week. It’d be a shame if she perished off-screen since there’s still room for her to grow in this tale. By and large, this was an interesting episode of The Fire Hunter. Although its imagery is lackluster (in many areas), it continues to expand upon its lore in fascinating ways. 

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