The Feed – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

The Shocking Truth

Episode 9 of The Feed begins with Meredith’s message being repeated, but manipulated as the Resistance takes her words and informs the public not to listen, showing a violent wife losing control. Back at the farmhouse, Kate pleads with her sister not to hurt her. However, she manages to break in and there she tells Kate she needs her help in tracking down Tom to save her family.

Tom continues to explore the hatch, descending down a ladder and making his way with Ben into a strange, dark room. As they start searching, Tom touches the wall and switches on the lights. Here, he stumbles upon a strange AI in the depths of the basement.

Meredith speaks to President Quan again and offers him a proposition in exchange for her family’s asylum in his country. She offers to help build a rival to The Feed, given it’s been compromised, and proposes a new network to take its place. He decides to think over the idea given, as fate would have it, her broadcast has reached him too, as she’s forced into having one of his advisors watch over her.

Danny and the others enlist help to try and find Cass, breaking into the resistance ranks to do so. Back in the basement, Tom and Ben come across hundreds of Hawkin videos and files, including soldier simulations and fetal videos. As they search, one video they find is corrupted and it turns out this program was an experiment used to store deceased consciousness. Lawrence was trying to manipulate 15,000 memories of the dead.

As the shocking truth spills out, they learn the consciousness continued their own study, thanks to increased memory and this has now increased their numbers to over 4 million. They learnt how to increase their numbers from Lawrence and unfortunately the corrupted file means it’s impossible to delete them.

Kate meanwhile, watches in horror as Martha kills Nas when he arrives at the farm and tries in vain to phone for help but fails to get any signal. Danny and Eve both phone Tom and he promises to look into the Cass situation. However, fragments of Kate’s message gets through after this message, leading Tom to head out and inform Ben that Kate is in trouble and Martha has been taken. After some deliberation, Ben agrees to go with him. In the ensuing chaos, Kate runs her sister down in the car but as she mourns for Martha, it turns out she’s still alive. She regroups and comes after Kate again.

President Quan confronts Meredith again and questions the encrypted files. After some tense moments, he stays alone with his sister while Meredith is forced to leave. As she does, we cut back to Danny whom we see has been taken by the authorities but manages to sneak in and find Cass.

While Tom heads off to find Kate, Ben stays behind with Martha and learns the truth about what happened. Sarah and Anton were both initially trying to kill Lawrence, he just got in the way of that mission. She goes on to tell him he’s not important but he could be with the right guidance. At the prison, Sue interrogates the captors using a sonic-wave, eventually giving the order to kill everyone in the cells. Although Danny manages to survive, Cass is not so lucky.

As Tom finds Kate and brings her back to the car, the episode ends with Ben, Martha and Bea nowhere to be seen. Has he decided to team up with the hackers?

With a dramatic episode full of home truths and big reveals, The Feed looks set to gear up for quite the dramatic finale. There’s plenty to digest here too and the shocking truth about the hackers is an unsettling, dystopian nightmare brought to life. Ben has always been the wildcard of the series and here, that’s absolutely the case again as he looks to be working with the hackers.

Quite what will happen next though is still unknown but the foundations have been set for quite the dramatic finale to follow!

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